Free resources from the design community can add value to an ecommerce website. Here is a list of the new winter 2021 web tools and design elements. There are website and page builders, icon libraries, pattern and color palette tools, free fonts, and a template marketplace. All of these tools are free, but some offer premium versions as well.

Free design tools

Editor X., a Wix web authoring platform, launched out of beta. With Editor X, team members can work on a website at the same time and offer advanced code-free interactions. New collaboration features include live commenting, enhanced roles and permissions, and shared design libraries.

Editor X.

formality is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly create, customize and align forms with your website design. Each form can be accessed on its own page or in a different post or page on your website.

Iconduck is a project to make open source symbols and illustrations more available. It contains approximately 110,000 free icons and illustrations.

frame is a library of royalty-free vector illustrations. The scale contains a new, free illustration every day. Use the color slider to adjust the illustrations to match your brand and design. Scale also allows female characters to be selected for each illustration.


Tabbied This feature is an easy way to generate patterns to add energy and creativity to your website and digital designs.

person is an identity platform that companies can use to securely manage their community. Embed persona in your website and allow customers to easily verify themselves without leaving your experience.

Multi avatar is a multicultural avatar generator. Multiavatar is free and open source and represents people from different races, cultures, ages and worldviews.

Homepage of Multiavatar

Multi avatar

Color Velo (Swiss German for color bike) is a playful color selection tool. It uses simple rules and lots of random numbers to find appealing color combinations or to scroll through color harmonies.

People This option allows you to add a customizable community to any website. Access to your own website, not a subdomain. Set branding, privacy, and community visibility based on your company’s needs.

blush is a tool for creating and customizing illustrations with collections from artists around the world. Choose a collection from multiple styles and themes, customize and download the artwork to use as you wish.

Homepage of Blush


Everypixel pattern is a new tool for creating and locating patterns. Access patterns in the gallery or simply generate a new pattern with one click.

Operator search is a teaching aid for JavaScript. Just enter a JavaScript operator to learn more about it.

Itmeo market is a new marketplace for design templates. All templates were created by designers for Itmeo Market, which also offers a selection of free templates.

Free fonts

Delfina is a vintage sans serif typeface inspired by the classic American aesthetic. The font contains two versions: clean and rough.

Delfina font homepage


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Necks is a free, bold, chunky hand-lettered advertisement font. This easy-to-read brush font is suitable for a wide variety of creative projects.

Necks font homepage


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Gunberg is another American vintage font. The serif figures have an incomplete shape which gives the design a natural look. Gunberg is available in two versions: clean and rough.

Homepage of the Gunberg font


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bungalow is a stylish, three-serif, three-display, three-headed font to enhance your next project. Bungalow has an iconic design that is helpful for branding.

Bungalow font homepage


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Bronx is a clean and casual typeface with six styles. Bronx is a versatile font that works well in both large and small sizes.

Bronx font home page


– –

The north coast is a serif font created by the East Coast Font Club. It contains stitch and rounded variants as well as upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and multilingual character sets.

The North Shore font homepage

The north coast

– –

I agree is a geometric stencil font. This sans serif uppercase font is ideal for eye-catching display banners.

Font homepage Exactly

I agree