Trotta offers effective marketing packages to help mortgage LOs and real estate agents.

Most people have probably never equated a monk with mortgage, but that’s exactly what Mario “The Monk” Trotta wants them to do. In fact, much of his business model seems like a contradicting exercise: through social media, Mario and his team provide concierge experience to brokers and loan officers, and model successful public relations strategies to not just grow the business and develop their personal brands. but also maintain and maintain online relationships. And to get started, they do everything for you.

Aside from being a catchy brand, the “Monk” team is unique in its dedication to combining spiritual growth with business acumen and marketing expertise. This is a direct response to Mario’s own experience in the mortgage business through 2012, when he was making a peaked six-figure income at the expense of his health, family and personal wellbeing. The time he spent rebuilding his own core beliefs and passions made it clear to Mario that the problem was not in mortgages, but in the way industry professionals had to compromise their own values ​​and belief systems in order to achieve career and financial success ensure.

With his growing interest in social media and his knowledge of CRMs, automation, systems, graphic design, and people, Mario wanted to make sure other industry professionals didn’t fall into the same trap that he had. Now Mario is using the inspiration he finds in other influencers like Jay Shetty, Gary Vee, and Ryan Serhant to create content that is informative, catchy, and valuable in the real estate market.

The Monk’s online following is substantial, not least because he helps people overcome hurdles that would be most intimidating. As he puts it, “The biggest misconception people have is that it is difficult to get started and that it is not worth the effort.” I couldn’t possibly list all the opportunities that resulted from social presence, “says Mario.” The biggest obstacle really is the mindset. You need to be at a point in your life where you are comfortable showing your authentic side to people. You have to be vulnerable. That’s what sets you apart in a sea of ​​Phonys. People can relate to difficulties and imperfections more than they can have more to do with glitz and glamor. “

Building a personal brand on social media is a process. That is why the services that the monk and his team offer are designed to meet people where they are. Whether a person is just starting out with a few followers or has already built a large audience, The Mortgage Monk has a service to help them improve. For more information, follow Mario “The Monk” Trotta on Instagram @themariotrotta or send an email to He offers free 15-minute zoom consultations.

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