Brandon came from a small town, had to go against the grain and ended up going an unfamiliar route. Friends and family members doubted his obscure decision to ditch traditional marketing and dive headfirst into social media marketing, but Brandon knew something they didn’t. With a great passion for travel, Mimms has visited over 25 countries and plans to travel to every continent. With social media as a job, I am lucky enough to be able to work remotely and achieve other goals in the process. “Said Mimms.

That was how Brandon began his journey

Brandon, deep down, never saw himself as the typical 9-5 worker. Shortly after high school, Mimms decided to follow his passion and get trained in sales and marketing. After graduating from the top of his class, he started working to pay his bills
experiment with twitter. He began to see patterns in his content advertising algorithm, learned that the fastest growing accounts often had a female demographic with content focused on popular media, fashion, and trends, and was soon able to go viral for his content do.

When Brandon hit the sidewalk hard, he reached over half a million followers for the first time. Achieving this goal unlocked the ability to build more accounts, later reaching over ten million followers on a separate account.

Today Mimms works with several transnational companies such as PUBG Mobile and Runescape with numerous verified artists, actors, athletes and social media influencers. He has partnerships with many emerging startups, cannabis companies, and celebrities.
A native of Ontario Niagara Falls, he works with companies in the area to develop and improve the social media marketing skills of the people of Niagara.

What Brandon says about his trip

“As clichéd as it sounds, build something that you are passionate about and the money will come. There is no secret formula for success, you have to work for it. It took me a lot of time to realize what I was really passionate about and went many other avenues before I came across social media marketing. It started out as a hobby and as it grew the time and effort I put in grew with it. ”Said Mimms.

Brandon plans for his social media empire

Mimms continues to believe that social media will always be a driving force in the way we consume content. He plans to further expand his digital marketing agency in the region and at the same time further expand his social media presence on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

He knows platforms can die, but he still believes the concept of social media will live on forever. Mimms will continue to grow his empire and dominate the social media world for years to come.