Greedy Growth is a UK-based, full-service Instagram marketing agency helping brands tell their stories on social media and connect with their target audience to an extent they couldn’t reach on their own.

Greedy Growth was founded in 2019 and founded by teenage entrepreneur Laurence Moss. It has since been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, and other prestigious publications. During that time, Greedy Growth has managed to partner with over 30 different global brands to help them improve their social media game.

Greedy Growth’s clients’ success on social media is based on the expertise and hard work of the Greedy Growth team. They give each campaign a unique touch for their customers, regardless of whether they have worked on community management or influencer campaigns, and help their customers reach real audiences that can lead to potential revenue for the brands that they work together.

Greedy Growth has a special focus on Instagram, and even before Greedy Growth was an agency, the team behind it had a fan base of more than 350,000 on Instagram showing off their skills. Many marketing agencies claim to be experts in their craft but cannot back it up with results and case studies. Greedy growth is an exception and is the real business as it has worked with many high profile clients in the past.

One of her first clients was the world’s largest pop culture auction company. Greedy Growth has recently expanded into the soccer sector, working with professional soccer players like Joel Mumbongo from Burnley FC.

Your top tip for success on social media is consistency. It doesn’t matter if you post once a day or once a week, but try to stick to a schedule. When you do this, you are putting your content in the best position to reach as many new prospects as possible. This is just one of the actionable pieces of advice Greedy Growth shares on their Instagram page @greedygrowth.

Greedy Growth is actively committed to helping its customers grow on social media by finding out exactly who their brand is targeting and where that audience is on social media. Once they find that audience, Greedy Growth uses a number of techniques and strategies to get that audience interested in the brand they are working with on social media. The result is real targeted followers and engagement with the customer.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, Greedy Growth hopes to expand into industries where there is a real lack of social media help, like the move they made into the football sector earlier in the year to ensure they were social media help the brands they need the most.