As the whole world flocks to an online marketplace, an optimized website allows small business owners to better take advantage of their opportunities to meet like-minded people who are interested in buying their products and / or services. That mix has come from agencies like New York City-based Profit Labs, who have put affordable search engine optimization services high on the list of priorities for small businesses starting in 2021 – and beyond.

According to a study analyzed by Profit Labs staff, SEO, when implemented by experts, guarantees consistent results, placing businesses on the first page of Google, a tactic that is crucial in today’s e-commerce era.

“It’s time to put an end to the misleading notion that the more a company pays for SEO, the better the quality gets,” said Ron Tsantker, CEO of Profit Labs. “According to our analysis, we found that the average monthly SEO spend of companies in the US is steadily increasing, as are the SEO plans and prices offered by local SEO agencies – but there is an alternative: Choosing more affordable Small business SEO services, after considering the merits of a particular agency being considered. “

Experts like Tsantker say that small businesses don’t need many backlinks and hundreds of pages to rank higher in search, because small businesses tend to neglect the quality of site visitors’ traffic which ultimately determines the ROI. In addition, it is believed that it takes small businesses a while to understand that their hard earned money was being spent on items that have little value to their business.

“One of the main advantages of SEO agencies offering affordable SEO services is that small businesses can choose which services they need and allocate a budget for them,” concludes Tsantker.

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