We look back on 4 personality traits of Seo Ye Ji aka Go Moon Young from It’s Okay to Be Not Ok that she conveyed through her style.

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It’s OK to be Wrong: 4 Personality Traits of Seo Ye Ji aka Go Moon Young Revealed through Her Style

While tvN’s drama “It’s okay to be wrong” topped the charts and garnered attention for many reasons, such as the multi-star cast, the dramatic plot, or even the social issues it deals with, It was what caught fans and enemies alike in the fashion of the show. Seo Ye Ji, who shone as Go Moon Young in every outfit. While the style was decent, it showed more than just face value. We list 4 personality traits revealed by Go Moon Young Wardrobe.

Brave: While her fashion aesthetic was very dainty, Go Moon Young’s jewelry stood out to make a statement. Not only her jewelry, but also her sunglasses, handbags and other accessories sent a strong message, even though they are female pieces. With these accessories, Moon Young frames her face with precious gemstones as an assertion of power.

Bunt: While she was all for elegance, Go Moon Young wasn’t afraid to have a bit of fun. Whether large, dramatic sleeves or a colorful outfit, the robustness of your personality has prevailed in these OTT outfits.

Skeptical: The waist-tight corsets and suits all showed how protected Moon Young wanted to feel. The actress resorted to the powerful outfits as protective shields and wore chic suits and waist belts with ease throughout the show.

Hardworking: Be it the perfect hat, a perfect pair of shoes or even matching jewelry, details were important to our girl! No intricacy of her wardrobe was too small for Moon Young to overlook.

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