Profit Labs, a leading New York City SEO firm committed to getting customers on page 1 of Google, Bing, and other search engines, has been closely following the evolution of optimization trends for 2021. This list contains user and search intent. Customer analysis, customer loyalty and lifetime value; Brand SERP optimization; Knowledge graphs and entities; Optimization of the most important web vitals and the page experience; and mobile SEO.

Most importantly, a great SEO strategy should start with putting yourself in the shoes of the user and asking if the content is really valuable, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to use – especially on mobile, “says Ron Tsantker. CEO of Profit Labs. “But there’s a lot more to discover when we talk about SEO in 2021. The main focus for us here at Profit Labs is what SEO strategies and tactics are working in NYC and helping our clients dominate the SERPs and get more sales this year.

“To that end, we believe that the number one SEO trend in 2021 will be a focus on user and search intent, and while this is hardly a new concept, it is important to refocus every year because Search intent and behavior are constantly changing – especially after 2020 when so much has changed quickly. “

According to experts like Tsantker, for companies’ SEO efforts in 2021, this means that professionals will have to deviate from traditional best practices that have less value as the algorithms get stronger and focus more on better understanding what is happening within the SERPs happening / searcher intent realm.

“Our SEO team is now focused on analyzing the search data and the on-site journey of all organically generated leads, not just the search terms used to find our clients’ content, as well as the on-site search and highlighted keywords for everyone Pages they visited, ”adds Tsantker. “This data is then aggregated and assigned to a content journey.”

Although user and search intentions are high on Profit Labs’ top 5 optimization trends list for 2021, the company also points to tactics like customer analytics / loyalty / lifetime value, brand SERP optimization, knowledge diagrams / entities, central web Vitale / Seite Experience optimization and mobile SEO.

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