Since social media is now very much integrated into our daily life, it is no wonder that the sphere of sport is also represented online. Many sports brands, teams, and individuals also use social profiles to build their reputations and public relations. This created many new fitness and sports talents. Platforms like Instagram have shown that people not only want to be entertained, but also educated and take care of their health and physical shape.

And for young sports enthusiasts, this is a great chance to influence and benefit from social media while helping others achieve their goals. If you are one of them, reading this article will help you understand how to keep engagement high on your social media profiles to keep your blog growing.

Why should you care about engagement rates?

This is one of the most important metrics that will show your blog’s success. Engagement shows how interesting your page is to users. If you value your work very much, your work and commitment will pay off. If not, the situation is reversed. Getting your audience interested is your main job and when you get there the results will be quick and amazing.

Some people believe that the popularity on social media can be bought easily. This statement is completely wrong, kind of twisted. For example, to increase the progress of your IG fitness blog, you have cheap followers. The numbers on your side are big, but nothing changes and your side is slowly dying out.

Why? Since just buying stats isn’t enough, your audience needs to be engaging with your content. Otherwise, the algorithms will not consider your profile as something worth viewing.

With that question resolved, let’s move on to the ways to keep engagement on your profile.

Set the correct time and keep the frequency

In contrast to many other industries, in which entrepreneurs have to adjust their posting time to the average activity time of their target group, in sports and fitness you can set the posting time yourself. In this industry, people literally follow your routine so you can schedule your release based on the real rhythm of your life. However, it’s important to maintain consistency. You need to upload your posts, especially those related to your routine, regularly, and preferably at the same time.

A setup plan will work in your favor as users wait for your posts and check them out asap.

To be useful

Sports-related blogs need to be educational. Generally, people subscribe to fitness pages when they decide to make a lifestyle change and they want to see something that will really help them. So if you want to attract new followers and keep older ones, put some effort into your education because there is no way you can offer advice on health and exercise if you are not sure that the information you are sharing is true and not harmful.

Remember that people trust you and follow your example, so their health is your responsibility too. In addition, being fluent in human physiology and anatomy will expand your target audience and look more professional, which will attract new followers.


Social media is all about talking and exchanging ideas. And to be successful, you need to be open to communication with your followers. Sport is an industry that requires open discussion at best, as every athlete or fitness trainer has to be a leader and people should feel free to ask their questions.

  • Keep your manners friendly and polite.
  • Show your support and appreciation for people who follow your recommendations.
  • Encourage users to ask questions
  • Ask questions yourself
  • Dilute your profile with non-sports topics.
  • Be sincere with your followers. It doesn’t mean revealing every detail of your life – only you can decide which things need to be kept private. But what you let people in has to be true.

Go live

Today, many platforms offer their users the options that allow content to be broadcast in real time. For you as a fitness and sports blogger, this is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. The first thing that comes to mind is that you can organize online training for your subscribers. This activity is useful as it improves the connection between you and your viewers and is also a testament to your proficiency in the area you occupy. If you do this type of training regularly, you are sure to increase your viewership by demonstrating high quality content.

Another popular startup format is questions and answers. You can use it to hang out with your loyal fans and encourage newbies to follow your example. Just make sure you are ready for multiple greetings, smileys and the same questions during your live session. Some bloggers use this trick:

Announce that you are going live and ask your followers to leave their questions in comments or stories, etc. Then look at them and choose the most popular and interesting ones. Make a list to keep track of your speech and start your session with small notes pointing out the most important things you want to say.

Be a personality worth following

One of the crucial qualities that every blogger must have is an interesting and authentic person. The social influencer needs to involve people the way he or she lives. People look for role models and inspiration online, and you can become one too. But don’t build a false personality from scratch. Being someone who you are not is difficult to care for and is easily spotted by the onlookers. In the end, people will feel like you are lying to them and at least signing out. It’s easy to say – but be an interesting guy.

Becoming someone who draws people in while just playing as usual takes a lot of work. However, as a result, you will reach a real, active, and engaged audience.

Constantly educate yourself. There is no end to when it comes to making yourself better. But remember to be true to your principles and opinions. Changing them too often and too quickly will decrease confidence in your blog.

Create quality content

Of course, no social media blog, no matter what niche it is in, is going to be fruitful without good content. This industry is tough and the competition never sleeps. So having good graphics and well-written trustworthy information is a must.

  • Keep your work area clean. The messy interior kills the professionalism.
  • Get better gear. Modern users prefer to have a good look at their screens.
  • Control your manners and language. If you want to become a top influencer – be a good role model.
  • Review the information you will receive before posting it. Twice is better.
  • Follow the latest trends in your industry and take advantage of them when they fit well.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Use your imagination and try to create something really out of the ordinary every time.


Social media are an essential part of the marketing strategy in any industry. Exercise and fitness are one of the most popular categories on the internet, and modern users are picky. So the catch that can bring you great results and lots of followers is the engagement rate. Your initiative and willingness to communicate will help you attract and retain a larger audience.

The competition is fierce because nowadays many people can show their athletic talents through social media. For great results, make sure you have something new to offer your subscribers.