Looking to hire a social media consultant but not sure what qualifications to look for?

Fear not, it is easy to get lost when you hire a social media advisor. There are so many of them, each with a range of experiences and skills that could make them suitable for specific clients. But you don’t care as much what a consultant can do for someone as what they can do for you, do you?

Trying to figure out which consultant is the right choice for your business can be tricky. When potential customers come to us at SocialSellinator, there are a few criteria that we use to determine whether or not we are a good fit for their company.

We encourage all companies that evaluate social media consultants to evaluate these three traits in the first place to determine the fit:

1) A track record with positive results

Would you trust a social media consultant who doesn’t seem to float his own social media ship? If they have fewer followers than you (or appear to be showing very little engagement on the platforms they are active on) this should be a big red flag signaling that they may not be the best person to be with can work.

By the same token, they should be able to give you a proven track record of results for their clients. There are a million so-called “social media experts” who claim they can generate returns for their customers, but how many of them can actually prove it? So many potential clients come to us who have been burned by other consultants.

Have you been able to achieve business results for your customers? How about some website traffic from social media? Check out their published case studies. Ask for references. Ask about their experiences. Make sure they can deliver what they think is possible and have evidence of evidence that they have done the same for other companies.

2) Alignment with your business goals

To achieve the ideal outcome from working with a social media marketing advisor, both parties need to fully understand what the engagement’s success actually looks like. Expectations need to be outlined and reconciled before engagement begins.

A good social media marketing consultant can recommend different strategies for different goals. For example, a company that is more interested in basic sales would be more likely to need a Facebook advertising service than a service that drives organic engagement over an extended period of time. A consistent approach only works if it is consistent with your business goals. Always insist on a tailor-made strategy.

3) An understanding of your industry

It cannot be emphasized enough how understanding your industry will help a social media marketer develop a strategy that will generate a return on investment. Social media is a crowded field. By specializing, you can ensure that the advisor you are working with has a deep understanding of your clients. They should know how the industry works and how their strategy works to your advantage based on their experience working with companies like you.

This article was previously posted on SocialSellinator’s blog.

Author: Jock Breitwieser

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