Park Seo Joon visited his YouTube channel to pick a name for his fandom and reassure fans that he would work harder in the time to come.

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VIDEO: Park Seo Joon Picks Adorable Name For His Fandom; The dream actor reveals the benefits of getting older

It has been over ten years since Park Seo Joon made its debut in the Korean industry. The actor has delivered hits like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim ?, Fight For My Way and Itaewon Class. All those years later, Park Seo Joon decided to choose the perfect name for the fandom! With this agenda, PSJ sat down to film his 33rd video for his YouTube channel. The actor wore a white crewneck with full sleeves for the video. A list of proposals was presented to him.

The actor decided to read out all of the names that were shortlisted for the video. This included SER-RO, Junba, Park Sa, Sertep, and Parker were some of the many names suggested to the actor. Park Seo Joon, however, limited itself to JEOMJU and gave its fandom the new nickname. Find out why he picked the name in the video below.

In the video, Park Seo Joon also spoke about getting older. The actor celebrated his 32nd birthday on December 18 and confessed that he doesn’t feel so bad when he gets old. “As I get older every year, I expect my performance to mature so that aging isn’t so horrible for me,” he said. The actor thanked fandom and everyone else who have consistently supported him on his journey and hopes to work harder in the times to come.

Check out the video from Park Seo Joon below:

On the work front, Park Seo Joon will soon be featured in Dream. He plays with IU in the film. Contact Pinkvilla for more updates.

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