18 Social Media Advertising and marketing Podcasts

  1. Content Warfare Podcast
  2. Content Inc.
  3. Content Pros Podcast
  4. The marketing companion
  5. Tape Marketing
  6. Marketing over coffee
  7. Six pixel separation
  8. The bean topping
  9. Social Pros Podcast
  10. Social Media Marketing Podcast
  11. The Mad Marketing Podcast
  12. Marketing smarts
  13. Happy hour for social media marketing
  14. Social zoom factor
  15. Content Marketing
  16. Content Champion Podcast
  17. Content matters
  18. First Click Inc.

A recent article on 15 Search Podcasts led to many suggestions and questions about the availability of good podcasts for digital marketing in general. I then put together 18 digital and social marketing podcasts to add to your playlist. If you’re new to podcasts, give them a listen and you might be amazed.

The list contains a mix of long-running shows, newer additions, and varying lengths and formats to give you some options and variety in your listening life.

Editor’s note: don’t forget we also have Marketing Nerds, a weekly podcast that covers everything about social media, search, and digital marketing.

Ryan Hanley


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Ryan is the host of the podcast and the author of a book, Content Warfare: Find Your Audience, Tell Your Story, and Win the battle for attention online. The podcast is primarily an interview-style series in which Ryan addresses trends and interviews content creators and thought leaders.

Ryan recently dedicated 15 episodes of the podcast to airing the audio version of his book. He also took five weeks off to start a new podcast on BLAB with Marcus Sheridan, The Hot Seat Podcast.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe describes this podcast as “one actionable content marketing thought per week in five minutes or less”. Think of this as the twitter of the podcast getting you consumable, focused soundbites.

The podcast is delivered in a simple manner, with Joe reading a prepared script – a kind of verbal blog. If you’re looking for quick advice on specific pain points, read this one.

Editor’s Note: SEJ recently had Joe on our podcast Marketing Nerds to talk about content:


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Chris Moody and Randy Frisch

This interview-style podcast sheds light on the trends in content marketing and reasoning from the people who lead the strategy, operations, measurement, staff, and other practices of content marketing.

The guests of this 30-minute podcast give tips and talk about the reasons for the current trends in content marketing.

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

Mark and Tom offer humor and jokes as well as in-depth discussions on topics and trends in the areas of content, social media and digital marketing.

This 30 minute show is a great resource for anyone looking for advice on topics ranging from starting a blog to trends on Twitter and Facebook.

John Jantsch

Every Wednesday, John interviews experts and thought leaders to share tips, tactics, and resources with his audience. Previous shows highlighted getting started with blogging, SEO best practices, understanding social media, and business growth strategies.

The 30-minute episodes are aimed at small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking for tips and tricks for using digital marketing and looking to grow their business.

John Wall and Christopher Penn

In this weekly half-hour podcast, the moderators talk about news, trends and devices in marketing. They keep the conversation up to date by interviewing people in the industry who develop marketing practices or writers who write about marketing innovations.

Mitch Joel

Every Sunday, Mitch conducts an hour-long interview with thought leaders and book authors in marketing, communications, and best business practices. This isn’t purely a digital marketing podcast as it speaks to people who are innovative in other areas of business success.

Mitch’s podcast has been around long enough to show over 500 episodes and he doesn’t run out of people to interview. This show is an inspiration for anyone considering starting their own podcast and wondering if they have enough to say.

The Cool Beans Group

Host Bob Knopp puts together a lively show each week with a group of guests dealing with topics such as marketing, advertising, and public relations. Bob keeps the conversation lively and fun while keeping the discussion relevant and timely.


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This hour-long podcast is published every Sunday and has an “AdFail5” section where Bob is investigating a promotion, advertising campaign, PR campaign, or marketing event that didn’t work.

Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Jay and Adam meet every week to interview social media practitioners and discuss their insights and current trends in social media. This podcast is entirely focused on social media and all topics and topics of interest to people who actively use social media for business.

The 45-minute to hour-long episodes end with “The Big Two” – quick fire answers to two important questions.

Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner

This show is a place for social media practitioners to get ideas of tactics and strategies to use to make their efforts more effective. In addition to talking to guests about topics of social interest, Michael also shares information about new technologies and devices that will be of interest to his audience.

This podcast is all about talking 45 minutes a week about what works and what doesn’t.


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Marcus Sheridan

The Sales Lion uses this 30 minute podcast to provide advice to marketers and share their opinion on trends. He weighs opinions from other thought leaders and talks about how he has applied strategies to his own business.

Marcus is an avid speaker who lives by the “you ask, you answer” mantra and dedicates his podcast to answering questions from marketers.

Marketing teacher

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone spends 30 minutes per episode interviewing marketers and writers on marketing topics like branding, social media, customer success, digital marketing, lead generation, and more.

Each episode begins with an excerpt from the interview to give the listener an idea of ​​the focus of the conversation and the personality to be interviewed.

Dawn Marrs Ortiz and Traci Reuter

Five times a week, Dawn and Traci discuss best and worst practices for using social media to build a business. These two focus on advising small business owners and entrepreneurs, and each provide 15 minutes of instruction and insight.


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If you’re wondering how to use social media and use Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook and everything else to grow your business, this show has the tips and tricks you need.

Pam Moore

Pam was named “Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer” by Forbes magazine. During her show, she shares her considerable experience in providing actionable tactics and strategies for companies of all sizes that use social media as part of their marketing mix.

The podcast is broadcast five days a week for 30 days. If you’ve never heard this podcast, there are over 200 episodes to choose from and ready to act right away.

Rachel Parker

Rachel uses her podcast as a platform to talk about the who, what, why and how of content marketing. Each episode starts with the “News You Can Use” section, where Rachel reviews breaking news and talks about breaking content that either worked. or not. The Spotlight segment is the meat of the podcast, where Rachel discusses a problem or trend and offers advice on content marketing best practices.


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Content marketing takes 20 minutes to an hour every week. Each podcast has a corresponding blog post that includes resources and links that will be discussed on the show.

Loz James

A list of podcasts is not exhaustive without including at least one from the UK. Loz offers a weekly interview-style podcast speaking to content marketing practitioners specifically about the strategies, tactics, and tools that made them successful.

The weekly podcast is educational in nature and often includes step-by-step guides and guides on how to improve your content marketing practice.

18 of the best digital and social media marketing podcasts

Andy Crestodina, Barry Feldman


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Andy and Barry, a fairly new podcast, started this podcast in November 2015 to train content marketers and provide specific tactics to improve content marketing efforts. Content Matters is broadcast twice a month and focuses on things that are “important” to marketers.

“Your website is the mousetrap and your content is the cheese,” said Andy and Barry. Each podcast deals with a bite-sized tactic with specific ideas and tips on how to perform that tactic right away.

Chase Reiner

First Click, Inc. is a fairly new podcast with 35 episodes so far. The podcast is recorded in two formats: interviews and tool reviews. The interview episodes last approximately 20 minutes and focus on experts in SEO, SEM, and social media.

The first click podcast varies in length depending on the format. Interviews typically last around 20 minutes, while tool reviews take around five minutes each.

Do you like this list or do you have your own suggestions? Leave a comment or tweet me @TexasGirlErin and I’ll check it out.


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