Free resources from the design community can add value to an ecommerce website. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements coming in Fall 2020. There are designer and developer apps, coding resources, graphic tools, fonts, and more. All of these tools are free, but some offer premium versions as well.

Free design tools

serenade is a natural language code writing app. It integrates with existing tools (e.g. Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Chrome) so you don’t have to give up your current setup. In addition to typing, use voice commands or leave your keyboard completely behind.


Quarkly is a tool for creating websites and web apps. Use adaptive pre-made blocks to quickly create interactive websites. Apply animations, filters, dissolves, transforms, and more. Code your own responsive components. Work on a project with your colleagues. Free during the beta. is an online email tester tool. It analyzes an email, assigns a spam rating, and predicts deliverability results with a heat map. Find out how you can improve the delivery of your email newsletter. Make sure everyone can read your accessibility check emails.

WP umbrella monitors your WordPress sites and notifies you when something goes wrong, from PHP errors to availability and performance. Prevent downtime, speed up maintenance, and simplify the flow of your website’s deployment.

Homepage WP Umbrella

WP umbrella

Hue and shadow generator creates hues (pure white added) and shades (pure black added) of a specific hexadecimal color in 10 percent increments. In addition, hues and shades for a base color are previewed.

phosphorus is a free, open source symbol library for user interfaces, diagrams, presentations, and more. It has more than 4,000 icons that are uniform in style and size, but flexible in size and weight.

Air bubbles is a Chrome extension that combines video, audio, and message-based collaboration so users can capture, comment, and share whatever they see on their screen. Have conversations in the context of what you are looking at. Eliminate back and forth emails and misunderstandings.

Homepage for Bubbles

Air bubbles

Blickpass Allows your users to sign in with biometrics on all of their devices rather than passwords. With just a few lines of code, users with native biometric sensors or facial recognition via a webcam can log in and sign in.

Urlcat is a tiny JavaScript library that makes creating URLs convenient and prevents common mistakes.

Link hover animation provides the code for a simple animated highlight.

swelling is a headless e-commerce platform. Create fast and flexible shopping experiences without having to think about infrastructure or maintenance. Includes native subscriptions, custom content models, B2B wholesale functionality, and a checkout API.

Homepage of Swell


IconPark Provides access to 1,400+ quality icons and a customizable user interface. Instead of using different SVG source files, the attributes of a single SVG are changed to produce different themes.

BGJar is a free SVG background generator for your websites, blogs and apps. Choose from 24 background styles and customize them.

Hit count is a simple and modern website heat counter. Copy and paste the code on your site where you want a counter to appear.

Black light is a real-time website privacy inspector. Enter the address of a website and Blacklight will scan it and display the user tracking technologies.

Backlight homepage

Black light

Free fonts

all bus is a modern, bold sans serif font that is stylish and meaningful.

Homepage of all Autobusy

all bus

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mango is a free geometric and minimal lowercase font. It’s fresh and futuristic – useful for logos, headings, and animation of motion graphics.

Homepage of Mango


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Laredo rounded is a free, vintage-style rounded font created by Studio Aurora.

Homepage of Laredo Rounded

Laredo rounded

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Skater is a simple and chunky display font that can be used to highlight your casual designs.

Homepage of skaters


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Bestermind is a stylish and elegant script font that you can use to personalize your design.

Homepage of Bestermind