5 causes to incorporate music in your social media advertising

Every year the digital space is becoming more competitive for marketers. You need to constantly look for new ideas on how to grow and engage your audience so they’ll come back to your business in the future.

Music is a more powerful marketing tool than you might think. You can instantly improve your social media content by using the right music. It helps you influence your customers on an emotional level and build strong associations.

To find music, audio effects, and sounds that match your brand values ​​and image, choose modern stock websites that provide audio files. That way, you have tons of audio to choose from and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues with the royalty-free license.

1. Make yourself unforgettable

You probably have your favorite video ads. For example, many people love the Christmas advertising of the old Coca-Cola with trucks covered with Christmas lights. It has strong associations with Christmas holidays and immediately cheers a viewer up. Aside from the video, music comes to mind when you think of this ad.

Music helps you make your brand memorable. There is a very small chance that you’ve never received a catchy jingle from an ad that has been on your head for half a day. Make sure your music choices are fun and enjoyable and not annoying to build certain associations with your business and invest in your brand’s long-term awareness.

2. Stand out from the crowd

There are so many ads, posts, and information flows on every social media platform these days that people aren’t really paying attention to something general and boring. With the shortest attention span of any user, you really have to try and get users to notice your promoted posts on their feeds. Music is of great help in this edition.

Your current followers are different people with different interests, even if they’re targeting the same audience. While some prefer the text format, more and more social media users are watching videos with their sound every day. You can take advantage of this with catchy music and audio that you use in your videos.

3. Grow your stories

Ephemeral content is everywhere these days. Instagram and Facebook dominate it, but Twitter recently rolled out a new feature similar to Stories – “Fleets.” While ephemeral content has been a social media marketing trend for quite some time, now is the time to make it more interesting and engaging. You can instantly improve the quality of your stories on Instagram by using audio and sound effects instead of background noise that occurs while recording a short video.

4. Make your product videos more engaging

In general, social media users appreciate the effort and attention when a brand offers them something more in their content marketing, namely music. Nowadays it may seem strange and even slightly off-putting when you post a video on your feed with no sound. You wouldn’t do that to your YouTube account, would you? The same applies to other social media platforms.

Whether you’re making stop motion videos to promote your products or renting models and recording videos, music can help you appeal to your viewers and translate a particular emotion. In addition, it just makes your videos more enjoyable to watch.

5. Grow your audience with new, trending content types

Would you like to create a podcast with seasoned guests or your own professional staff? You need melodies and sound effects, just like a good old radio. If you want to start a YouTube channel with useful and insightful videos for your audience, you need to use audio too. Even creating unique commercial content on new social media platforms like TikTok can use royalty-free music. Audio can help you explore new types of content for your brand and find more customers across platforms.

The last thought

With the rapid changes in technology and devices several times a year, the behavior of social media users is also changing. The demand for new content types and engaging social media publications means that your goal as a company is to update your approach to social media marketing from time to time. Music is just one of the things that you can and should research into to improve your SMM strategy.

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