The learning curve doesn’t end either for content marketers or homework. Not only do you need to stay up to date on your industry and audience, but you also need to be aware of the latest trends, technologies, and content marketing best practices. And considering how quickly these things can change, even A + students always have a lot to learn.

As a long-time employee of The Content Standard, I can refer to it. To make sure my content is always relevant and useful, I tune in to some of the best marketing podcasts to see what industry experts have on their radar.

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That asked me, where do my favorite podcasters turn for information and inspiration? To find out, I interviewed five of them and asked the following questions:

  • If you think back to the episodes you released this year, what were your top takeaways in 2019?
  • How do you choose the topics for your episodes? What resources are you looking for inspiration?
  • Other than your own, what are some of the best marketing podcasts?
  • What are your top tips for marketing directors considering starting podcasts tailored to the industries they serve? What tricks or best practices did you learn?

Here’s what the hosts of each of these great shows had to say about producing engaging, engaging podcast content in 2019.

1. Marketing on coffee

The next time you feel that lunch break, grab a cup of joe and a pair of earbuds and switch to Marketing Over Coffee. This weekly podcast is hosted by John J. Wall, Vice President Marketing at EventHero, and Christopher Penn, Co-Founder of Podcamp. The couple meet at a local coffee shop to discuss new social media strategies and old school marketing. Legendary marketing heads such as Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and Ann Handley are interviewed. New episodes go live on Thursday morning and typically last around 20 minutes.

Insights from John Wall

Top takeaways for 2019: “Getting your data in order is the challenge. Companies that do this can leverage machine learning and other next-generation marketing techniques. Everyone else needs to clean up their data. “

Sources of inspiration: “Christopher Penn scans thousands of articles every week to see what’s up-to-date, and I check over 100 books of account every year to keep up-to-date.”

Favorite Podcasts

  • “Kick out with Kerry and Katie”
  • “That American Life”
  • Most of Kevin Smith’s stuff

Tips for podcasting professionals: “Remember, you are competing with NPR, not the other lame podcasts in your industry. Bring your A game. “

2. That old marketing

Check out This Old Marketing, a weekly podcast hosted by Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi, and chief strategy advisor Robert Rose, to find out what’s new in the world of content marketing gives. In each hour-long episode, Pulizzi and Rose discuss the latest industry stories and actionable insights from great brand storytelling campaigns.

Insights from Joe Pulizzi

Top takeaways for 2019: “First, we are seeing a massive change in access to social media. External content gets the social media sites up and running, but it’s also their biggest liability. We have seen Facebook, Amazon, and others start investing in their own content while further restricting organic access, addressing major misinformation issues, and addressing privacy concerns. We chatted on the podcast about how in the near future access could go from a little to near zero (from a content creation standpoint) for many.

“We also believe that brands that buy media real estate will change. We are starting to see this, but we will see more in the next few years. “

Sources of inspiration: “We choose a topic for each week that reflects all the news. A week it could be privacy. A week could be the death of journalism – it all depends on the news. We usually take one big message, then wrap it around three or four secondary articles, and always end the week with a rant / rave (something we loved or hated that happened recently). ‘Rants and Raves’ is our most popular segment. “

Favorite Podcasts

  • “Conan O’Brien needs a friend”
  • “The James Altucher Show”
  • “Exponent”

Tips for podcasting professionals: “Understand who your audience is first. Make sure your show is different in some way (fills a gap in content, is produced differently, serves a new market, etc.). Always produce consistently. Never try to sell anything in the main part of the show. Distribute on all podcast platforms. And finally, promote your podcast. “

3. Marketing Smarts

Marketing Smarts was produced by MarketingProfs and hosted by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. It’s an interview-based podcast with leading marketers from all industries and walks of life. Each 30-minute episode is packed with real-world insights, anecdotes, and best practices.

If you’re feeling a little burned out on content marketing podcasts, check out Gorgone’s other popular show, “Punch Out With Katie and Kerry,” where marketing and business stars talk about anything but work. Instead, they talk about their hobbies, volunteering, sideline occupations, and personal passions.

Insights from Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

Top takeaways for 2019: “I noticed two clear trends: a shift towards empathy and humanity in brand marketing and an increased awareness of health, work-life balance and the well-being of employees. The most humane brand wins (as Mark Schaefer discusses in this interview about his book Marketing Rebellion), and the “hustle” mentality is on the way out, as Carlos Hidalgo speaks in this episode. “

Sources of inspiration: “I have a shortlist of people who always seem to know what’s next: Mark Schaefer, Chris Brogan, and Christopher Penn. I also follow people who have a knack for fun, creative content: Goldie Chan, Katie Martell, and Michael Brenner. I keep an eye on these people’s feeds for inspiration. I have a twitter list that follows a wider range of people who are interesting for a variety of reasons. I also speak at or attend several marketing conferences each year so that I am always one step ahead. “

Favorite Podcasts

  • “UnPodcast”
  • “The Marketing Companion”
  • “Ashamed”

Tips for podcasting professionals: “First choose the right topic. Your podcast needs to cover something that is important to your audience, but also something that interests you – because podcasts are a lot of work and you will burn out if you get bored. Of course, the topic has to be relevant to your company in some way (if not your company). I also recommend making a planning call with guests prior to recording to build rapport and finalize topics. This helps break the ice so you don’t spend valuable show time finding your booth.

“I could put in gear, but I won’t. I’m just saying that you need to have a quality microphone. Poor sound quality causes people to devalue your content: They just won’t hear your podcast, let alone trust it if it sounds badly produced. “

4. Podcast for tape marketing

As the field becomes more complex, it is sometimes useful to brush up on basics like basic principles like word of mouth, recommendations, content strategy, and organic search engine optimization. Here you will find podcasts on content marketing Jantsch has been hosting the podcast for 10 years. He is the founder of the popular small business guide and consultancy, Duct Tape Marketing. He interviewed everyone along the way, from Guy Kawasaki to Sally Hogshead to Robert Cialdini. His latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, has a page of inspirational quotes and instructions for each day of the year to help motivate readers to move on to the next big project.

Insights from John Jantsch

Top takeaways for 2019: “The latest topic that is coming through loud and clear is the human touch, personalization, no more automated emails.”

Sources of inspiration: “I have a pretty good reading list myself, but I tend to interview authors who recently published a book on a subject I think is interesting. Insider tip: Amazon publishes a list of new and upcoming releases by category. “

Favorite Podcasts

  • “Akimbo”
  • “Good Life Project”
  • “The Fizzle Show”

Tips for podcasting professionals: “My favorite piece of advice is to do interviews with your target market – not just for them. If you’re a business consultant who works with mid-size CEOs, these should be on your show. Not only is this content that your target audience will want to hear, but it also gives you a compelling reason to have a 30 minute conversation with a prospect who is now ready and ready to chat with you. “

5. Social Pros Podcast

How do the world’s largest companies engage audiences on social media? Find out more directly from your marketing directors in the “Social Pros Podcast” moderated by Jay Baer, ​​founder of Convince & Convert, and Adam Brown, executive strategist at Salesforce. “Social Pros Podcast” was named the best podcast by the Content Marketing Awards in 2015 and offers a look behind the scenes of their words: “Real brands do real work on social media.”

Insights from Jay Baer

Top takeaways for 2019: “Our show is specifically about corporate social media, so takeaways tend to crowd there. A big theme for this year is that Instagram occupies a prominent position in social channel strategy. Influencer and user-generated content programs are becoming more and more common; and brands that need to keep organic and paid social balance. “

Sources of inspiration: “We really are a base [our topics] on the guest. My co-host and I research every guest and what their brand is doing with social media. We also have guests filling out a pre-show questionnaire asking about their team structure for social media, successful initiatives, metrics, etc. “

Favorite Podcasts

  • “Six Pixel Separation”
  • “Social Media Marketing Talk Show”
  • “Goods”
  • “As I heard it”
  • “Noon”

Tips for podcasting professionals: “Have a consistent host that is comfortable and good on the microphone. Invest in good audio. Prepare. Pick good guests and prepare them too. And remember, your show is going to fail if it isn’t some people’s most popular podcast in the world. What makes it different Give that to the audience every time. “

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