Ever wondered what group your favorite KDrama actors would be if they were idols? Well, this article hopes to do just that! Read on to know who fits where!

Acting is difficult. A music career is difficult. We love our Korean artists as sensibly as Italians love olive oil. And yet we are sure that you have wondered what things would be like on the other side of the horizon. What if our beloved actors took active roles in the music industry? Yes, many artists enjoy the best of both worlds, but what if the actors who have never tried music venture out onto the unexplored seas?

In this article, we’re going to bring you a list of Korean actors who haven’t had a career in music, but who we’d like to explore as many scenarios as possible. We are 100% sure that spectacular acting, singing talent and most of all the breathtakingly beautiful features that can be heard in front of an audience will drive millions of fans to heaven. So read on and let your imagination run wild! We’re going to send your boss an absence letter tomorrow.

Park Seo-joon in BTS

Our all-time favorite, Park Seo Joon, would definitely be picked up by BigHits BTS due to his great abilities. With his expressions, steadfast voice and hardcore fan base, his debut would definitely blow up music scenes around the world. Complemented by his friendly and funny personality, the interactions within the band would be so amazing to look at that just the idea that it makes us want to have a drink to calm down. At the same time, the extra ventures like Bon Voyage, Run BTS, and BTS in the Soop would crash the streaming websites’ servers. Also because he’s already part of the Wooga gang! So Park Seo Joon, if you are reading this please try music and contact the author!

Woo Do-hwan in SHINee

Since his double appearance in “The King: Eternal Monarch”, Woo Do-hwan’s career has shot to a place no one has gone before. With his sharp features, his pleasant voice and, above all, considering this funky, hip performance, it is not far to imagine Do Hwan as a K-pop star. At first glance, he seems to fit perfectly with the SHINee group. With the qualities and personality he retains, he would work very well as a leader for the group of 4. Let’s say he works as both an actor and a singer. There is a chance he might bring out the group for interesting purposes cameos!

Song Kang in Stray Children

Taking into account his intense appearances in “Sweet Home” and “Navillera”, Song Kang possesses the peculiar, innate power of nature which is extremely critical for a superstar. With his amazing talent and determination, Stray Kids seems like the perfect group to further his potential. A seamless game imaginable, the strength and talent of Song Kang would only improve Stray Kids’ musical skills. With the release of the new album ‘Don’t Call Me’ in February 2021, we’re just wondering what places it could go if Song Kang was involved. We’re just saying keep your options open!

Kim Go Eun in TWICE

Now, to say the least, it’s interesting to think of Kim Go-eun, who has a music career. With several impressive appearances, be it a tough cop in “The King: Eternal Monarch” or an innocent girl in “Goblin,” we just ache in amazement at what’s on the other end of the spectrum. Go-eun would have a stimulating addition as a member of the hit idol group TWICE. If you think about the fun, powerful, bright and colorful performances of the group, there is guaranteed to be a fireworks display with you as a member. Just dreaming of her playing the lead role in the record breaking music video “I Can’t Stop” gives us goosebumps. There is possibly nothing more enticing in the world than letting Go Eun give in to the wild and achieve Twice’s energetic feats.


Yea-ji has improved her craft pretty steadily over the years. They play a darker character in most notable endeavors, including their most recent appearance in “It’s OK To Be Not Right”. If she imagines this range of emotions in her personality, flashy expressions and seductive voice, she could do great in an idol group like BLACKPINK. With the group’s propensity for mysterious and seductive qualities in tracks, Yea Ji would not only fit in perfectly, but enrich the performances. Playing with strengths, it could be the best form for Yea Ji. Given the performance dynamics in the group, bringing them into the group can literally make sparks fly.

Kim Ji Won as ITZY

This could just be one of the most interesting combinations in Korean culture. Kim Ji Won has found a loyal fan over the years. One of her most noticeable appearances as the announcer in “Fight For My Way” definitely makes us look more in the same direction. Perhaps in another direction it is even more worthwhile to imagine them as part of the idol group ITZY. If she cleverly adapted her personality to the role at hand, she would only raise the bar for artists if she ever became part of ITZY. It is an attractive future to nurture the group in different ways of genres of song while honing their seasoned skills to align them with the collective group. All in all, ‘Aera’ was going to get even more fabulous in ITZY!

So that was our fantasy of running wild! What about you? Let us know in the comments below your favorite stars you can imagine in K-pop groups!

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