I’m a huge fan of podcasting, which explains why I’ve written about the medium in The Tennessean several times over the years. I’ve hosted and produced several podcasts, and I’ve even hosted a workshop to teach people how to create a podcast from scratch. As a digital marketing consultant, I need to keep up to date with new trends and technologies that I can recommend to my clients. To stay tuned, I subscribe to and listen to several awesome marketing podcasts. Below are some of my favorites that will help you as well.

The BeanCast. Each week, host Bob Knorpp welcomes a group of advertising and marketing professionals to discuss breaking industry news. There are always a few laughs and ah-ha moments. This show tends to be advertising rather than marketing, but it is still extremely valuable to marketers. www.thebeancast.com

Marketing over coffee. I still remember the time hosts John Wall and Christopher S. Penn met early in the morning at a local Dunkin Donuts to record this show (hence the name). Both hosts are true kings of marketing, sharing secrets and opinions of the industry that will help you fuel your own marketing efforts. If you’re looking for a conversational podcast that is more marketing technology oriented, this is for you. www.marketingovercoffee.com

Beyond the to-do list. Erik J. Fisher hosts this interview show about ways to improve your productivity. It’s not a marketing show, but everyone should make an effort to be more productive. If you’re looking for clarity and techniques to accomplish more in a day, these are not to be missed. http://beyondthetodolist.com

Six pixel separation. Mitch Joel is a respected thought leader, writer, speaker, and company leader in the digital marketing space. Every week he welcomes a guest author who shares insights. Joel isn’t afraid to play Devil’s Advocate, which helps keep the discussions interesting. www.twistimage.com/podcast

Tape Marketing. If you’re looking for a podcast that’s more sales-focused but still has lots of marketing tips in it, don’t miss the John Jantsch podcast. John is one of the best small business marketing consultants out there. www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/category/podcast

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs. Kerry O’Shea Gorgone is a smart, personable host. This podcast offers actionable insights and real marketing advice from industry experts. Gorgone adds a refreshing sense of humor and personality to her style. She interviews writers and experts in marketing. I also recommend subscribing to the MarketingProfs email newsletter. www.marketingprofs.com/podcasts

Social Media Marketing Podcast of the Social Media Examiner. Michael Stelzner interviews his guests to discuss marketing tips specifically for social media. I love the way he repeats key points and urges his guests to simply outline their tactics. If you are looking for marketing knowledge on social media, check out this show. www.socialmediaexaminer.com/podcasts/

Whether you’re building your business or your career, everyone has to be a better marketer. I am confident that these seven podcasts will help you with this.

If you enjoy the shows, be sure to leave a review on iTunes. Consider paying for the free consultation with some positive words and a five-star rating. I know any host will love you for it.

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