7 confirmed measures to keep away from errors when designing web sites in responsive internet design

Are you thinking about building your website but not sure what to do? Are you afraid that the result will not be what you expected?

If you come to the developer and say: “Make me a page”, then he will do it in the sense of “Here, I did something”. As a result, the customer is dissatisfied with the end product and the developer is dissatisfied with the demands of the customer.

If all you need is a mediocre site, you can skip the read on. However, if you want to get a high quality product and you are looking for modern website design inspiration with no flaws in development, you are welcome.

  • Think about the purposes for which you need a website

Why do you need a website? Often times, websites are ordered because they are now popular and prestigious, not because they are needed. If you want your website to become a helper that contributes to the growth and prosperity of your business, determine the goals of its creation: they influence the design and structure of the product. This saves you unnecessary headaches in the future and saves your wallet unnecessary costs for error correction.

  • Find out what the website needs to generate revenue

The page is ready, but there is still no profit? One of the possible reasons is that there was no budget for additional work: optimizing the resource for search engines, updating the information on the website, and writing original content. Optimization improves the visibility of the website in search results, updating information in a timely manner increases the confidence of users seeing changes in the life of the company, and writing original content is required as materials from other resources are not indexed by search engines which means they just can’t be found.

  • Prepare materials for the site and agree on the design

Nobody but you knows better about your products and the unique selling proposition that you create for your customers. Take your time, gather materials, and don’t forget to agree on the design. Rate it not only in terms of “like-dislike” but also in terms of its convenience for the customer. Therefore, the design of healthcare websites must differ from the design of resources used to repair household appliances, and vice versa.

  • Badly chosen email address or domain name

The domain name should be remembered at first glance and should therefore be short. Try reading this: education123-ff-qw-12.com and education.com. The second option is much easier to remember. This also applies to composing emails associated with your site. The simpler, simpler, and clearer the address, the greater the chance customers will come back to you.

  • Badly thought out layout

People visit your website to find information about products and services, but if the page is poorly structured, the potential buyer is unlikely to stay long. The structure of the page should be clear and easy to read.

A well-thought-out layout is a guarantee that your company will find its customers. There are dozens of successful examples that have taken into account all of the customer’s wishes and developed a simple and intuitive user interface that encourages buying.

  • Inconvenient page navigation

Visitors to your resource shouldn’t worry about searching for the information they need. Remember the three-click rule: the user should find all information with no more than 3 clicks. What does that mean? Navigating your website should be simple and intuitive.

Mobile and tablet users should be familiar with your resource. In order for the site to “adapt” to the device from which it is viewed, an adaptive layout is required, which changes the design of the site based on the size of the screen.


With a careful and correct approach, you can create a high quality website and avoid all possible mistakes in its development.


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