Starting a social media marketing campaign today isn’t just about getting your followers’ attention. Social media is already overflowing with content that is compelling but plentiful. In this context, the momentary attention of your followers is a temporary solution at best. Rather, a successful social media marketing campaign today would be one that makes an impact and makes an impression. Whether you are outsourcing services from third-party social media marketing companies or using your in-house marketing team to strategize a campaign. The main focus is precisely on this – attracting an audience, forcing them to become your followers, and gradually making them your customers. In this way, you not only get the maximum return on your social media campaigns, but also build a stronger brand presence.

Are you looking for ways to spice up your next social media marketing campaign? Then, take a look at some of the marketing tips tested to go from successful to viral in your campaign.

7 social media marketing tips to spice up your campaign

Effective and Creative Social Media Marketing Tips:

Attract through buzzwords and compelling headlines

There are tons of social media accounts producing creative content. In such a scenario, what makes a social media user stop scrolling through their feed in your post? The answer is: brilliant headlines and buzzwords that instantly grab users’ attention.

In fact, it is precisely the headline of a social media post that determines your audience’s engagement. Hence, it is important to set the heading for adding seasoning to your social media campaign.

Well there are many ways you can do this. Add a catchphrase, quote, funny statement about an ongoing trend, or use bold sentences. Keep these headings short and punchy. In this way, you are putting your efforts into making your post go viral and getting the greatest possible engagement from your audience.

Get funny and thoughtful with content

There is absolutely no alternative to unique, original and compelling social media content like elsewhere. The content on your social media should speak for itself and add value to your audience. Only then will they pay for that value by engaging with and interacting with your content. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to rid your content of cheesy puns and sleazy phrases that seem to help attract an audience. That’s because they really get the high-quality audience off your social grips.

Instead, put your critical thinking caps on and tell a story that aligns with your brand’s beliefs and visions. In fact, your audience should find a story in each of the posts that are part of the marketing campaign.

Using stories that are creative, well thought out, or even slightly funny or sarcastic, will help your brand connect with audiences on a more intimate level. Alternatively, you can outsource these services to social media marketing companies as they are seasoned experts in the field.

Encourage users to share and tag

What determines the success of your social media marketing campaign is precisely the engagement of the audience. Because of this, it’s important to encourage your followers or connections to like, share, comment, and tag their friends on your content. Not only will this make your posts better known without open marketing, it will also make your content more relatable, which will generate more engagement.

One way to do this is simply to tag a product post with a sentence asking users to tag their friends or family who they think of when they see that post. If you hit the mark, this trick is worth its weight in gold for enhancing your social media marketing campaign.

In addition, you can also attract your audience with goodies or branded items if they like it and share certain posts on their schedules. This is a proven way to increase engagement and attract new followers and audiences to your brand’s profile.

Let influencers talk about your brand

One of the best practices that even professional social media management companies swear by is working with influencers. Influencers already have targeted, niche-specific target group communities that are engaged and loyal.

When you showcase your products through influencers, it has a direct impact on sales, brand awareness, and increased engagement. This is because the audience will bring exactly the level of trust in your brand that they will place in the influencer they are following.

Another way to let influencers do the talking for your brand is through social media acquisitions. This basically means that you have an influencer post on behalf of your brand for a specific day. This way, you will attract more audience from this influencer’s community to follow your account and engage with your content. Influencer marketing is therefore a tried and tested hack for turning your social media marketing campaign from boring to spicy.

Add a dose of humor

Humor is a universal feeling, and chances are your audience won’t blame a shot of it in your posts. In addition, humorous content such as funny memes, funny GIFs, funny catchphrases or even a sarcastic interpretation of an ongoing trend are very shareable. They are committed to building engagement and getting the attention of new social media users.

Plus, they make sure you enjoy your social media feed, which could otherwise consist of marketing posts, product photos, etc. Hence, humorous content in your social media marketing campaign is a surefire recipe for increasing engagement and building brand awareness. However, make sure that when you post fun content, it has to be in line with the overall brand identity so that it doesn’t appear out of place.

Attract with video content

It is statistically proven that video content generates more engagement because it is interactive. Whether the goal of your marketing campaign is to drive engagement, increase sales, or get more audiences for your social media space. You can achieve these goals by using video content on social networks.

You can do this by posting DIY videos, tutorials, going live, hosting live Q&A, product launches, video testimonials, behind the scenes videos, and much more. Additionally, brand storytelling is central to video content on social media. This is how you can get creative with how to present your brand to the world with videos that have an impact on the audience. Pro tip: Keep your videos short and get noticed immediately with eye-catching graphics or content.

Get involved and connect with fans –

If there’s one thing social media management services swear by, it’s building engagement. Social media marketing is about connecting with your fans and connecting them to your brand. Hence, the key to social media success is to limit promotional material and focus more on engaging your fans and customers.

Post user-generated content, respond to audience comments, introduce your customers, and build a solid community of followers. You can also ask your audience what they want from your account and actually create content. Hence, your focus should be on making your followers an active part of social media marketing campaigns, not just the passive viewers. When you do this, you are actually bringing your campaign to fruition.


So don’t wait any longer and bring your next social media marketing campaign to glory with simple, creative, and effective marketing hacks. By applying these tricks to your campaigns, in addition to growing your social media network, you can also gain awareness and engagement for your brand to build a solid and stronger brand presence.

Don’t hesitate to outsource campaign ideas and strategy developments from social media management companies. That’s because they can help generate new ideas and immediately implement them for your brand.