While web design trends have continued to evolve over the years, 2021 promises to bring new and unique design skills to web designs. Instead of focusing on high-tech imaginations, the web trends of 2021 are more focused on reaching the heights of realism.

So if you’re working on a brand new website and looking for some exciting web designs that can appeal to your visitors, this blog is for you!

Parallax animation

Web-based animation has been observed to gain popularity in recent years. The web animations of 2021 will have a separation of the page elements both in the background and in the foreground. This creates a parallax effect.


This effect is believed to be similar to both digital embossing and embossing. This helps designers regain the tactile experience that was once lost in the flat design era. Stylized realism is expected on the buttons, text fields and search bars.

Abstract art compositions

Web designers will integrate abstract shapes consisting of basic geometric elements such as squares, circles, etc. into complex and expansive compositions.

It is expected that stock photography and other character images will be replaced with these arrangements.

New comfortable colors

Nowadays, it is observed that users spend a lot of time on the screen. As a result, eye strain is widespread among users. A web designer has developed colors that are easy on the eyes. Web designers have thought about both dark and light extremes for their future modification.

Web designs for the cause

Due to the pandemic situation, the internet has become a haven for daily activities. Aside from entertainment, gatherings, and conferences, many businesses are kept afloat by Internet brands. Web designers will create digital spaces that will help raise social awareness through interactive means and simulations to support business.

Scrolling information

When users scroll, they usually navigate and interact with each other. Scrolling is considered one of the most subtle forms of interaction. Web designers of 2021 are focused on getting visual feedback from users that they give as they scroll.

Digital interpretations of products in 2021

In 2021, the websites will contain products that contain literal design elements. These products are inspired by creative digital interpretations.

This will make the web pages more organic and it will be unexpected.

Fascinating questionnaires

Brands use questionnaires to develop an interactive experience for the user. Several quiz questions are asked based on users’ likes and dislikes.

Three-dimensional colors

This trend aims to use a subtle shade that can give the old flat symbols a rounded feel. The colors become more realistic.


As you can see, the new web design trends are the ones that appeal to the audience. Rather, they are aimed at motivating visitors and keeping them on your website longer.

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