A Newbie’s Information to the Greatest website positioning Methods for the Dentist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to building a successful business, and dental offices are no exception. In general, Dental SEO involves the process of optimizing your dental website’s digital presence and improving its rankings on major search engines, making your business found faster and faster than ever before. In today’s digital age, having a prominent digital presence and being at the top of Google search results has become essential to the success of your brand, especially given the increasing competitiveness of the dental industry.

And if that doesn’t scare you enough, did you know that over eight in ten patients turn to Google for a reliable dentist? Shocking isn’t it? It’s time you got to grips with all of your dental SEO strategies before it’s too late. If you’re wondering where to start, don’t worry! We’ve put together the ultimate beginner’s guide to dental SEO strategies – read More to find out.

Develop your SEO strategy

Choosing the right keywords

The right keywords are at the core of a successful SEO strategy – after all, keywords people use to search for information online! Put yourself in your clients shoes and find out what words they would use to search for a dentist. Some common words can be: dentist, orthodontist, dentist nearby [location], Dentist [location], etc. We recommend using a keyword research tool that will provide you with a list of the most commonly used keywords, the click-through rate of each word, their competition, and more.

Have the user’s intention

It is of the utmost importance that you consider user intent when choosing your keywords. Everyone uses different keywords depending on what they’re looking for – one user searching for “teeth whitening” may want educational content while another searching for “best dentist for teeth whitening” may be willing to purchase a dental service . Additionally, we recommend using secondary keywords in your content to pinpoint a user’s intent. This refers to keywords related to primary keywords and helps answer potential questions that you think your audience is likely to have.

Use snippets

One way to appear in the relevant search results are featured snippets, as these often appear before the organic search results. These snippets give users a quick preview of the page content before they click on it. Effective and Rich Snippets are about frequently asked questions and keywords and include dental services, as well as images and reviews.

Optimize your local SEO strategy

While aiming for the stars is always good, if this happens, you should focus on a more local audience. As a dentist, people are unlikely to want to travel long distances just for a dental exam. most use social media within their locality and are content to patronize local dental services. Local SEO has never been more important, especially with the advent of zero-click search, where an answered query is displayed at the top of the search results page – even without the need to increase ratings. We recommend listing your practice on Google My Business first and then embedding location-specific keywords on your website. Next, we recommend using dental directories in your SEO strategy as the relevance of a high quality directory would help improve your ranking and online visibility significantly.

Your website needs to be mobile friendly

It’s not enough just to optimize your website on the computer – you need to optimize it for mobile devices too. With the prediction that almost 73% of all internet users will use their mobile devices by 2025, search engines have stepped up their efforts to become more mobile-friendly. For example, Google introduced its mobile-first indexing in 2019, which now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites instead of desktop versions. You have to take this into account if you want to build a successful brand!

Your website must be ready for voice search

One thing that you might want to consider is optimizing your website for voice search by using voice SEO. As voice search continues to grow in popularity across platforms, it is important to keep up with these technological changes in order to stay relevant. Optimizing your website for voice SEO would require the use of longer, more colloquial keyword phrases as opposed to abbreviations or slang. For example, instead of typing “dentist near me,” the person would prefer to say “dentist in Mississippi”.

Keep users engaged with dental content

Your website must be ready for voice search

Content in long form

Here’s another interesting fact: did you know that long pieces of content get 77.2% more clicks than shorter pieces? These types of content are often more than 2,500 words long and have been proven to have received the most organic traffic and social media shares. When creating long-form content, remember to keep it legible and clear by placing your dental services as headers and sub-headers. This is to help increase the visibility of your website as users frequently search for dental services on Google.

Online videos

Online video is by far the most widely consumed form of content across the Internet. For the average person, watching an informational video is far more engaging and convenient than reading blocks of text – and understandably so. Note, however, that not all videos work! It is important to include only optimized, high quality informational videos on your website. This means that you keep it short and sweet, include keywords in your description, and use engaging storytelling elements.

High quality photos

Another great way to keep your users engaged is to optimize your images – it’s more relevant to SEO than you might think! With the right tweaks and flags placed, high quality can go a long way in livening up your website’s content. We recommend combining photos with alternative text (alt text) to bring out the essence of the image. Alternative text is also useful for visually impaired users by providing an image description in case there are problems with the image rendering. Just a simple alternate image tag gives search engines enough information to understand the image and then improve your SEO.

Maintain your online reputation

Almost 95% of all customers read online reviews before evaluating the quality of a company or making a decision to buy a product. Hence, ratings and reviews are critical to building an ideal reputation for your business – they are the final key to influencing the decisions of potential customers. But how do you start creating your online reviews? We recommend encouraging the process for existing customers by making the review system easily accessible (via email, appointment card, receipt) and offering them a discount for each review made.

Performance analysis and site maintenance

SEO is not a one-time miracle. It takes months of dedication, persistence, and hard work to see real long-term benefits. Regular measurements and analysis are key to measuring the success of a particular SEO strategy. There are a variety of factors to consider when measuring a website’s performance: bounce rates, visibility, organic traffic, indexing redirects, load times, how often search engine bots crawl your website, and more.

Similarly, as SEO continues to evolve and become more complex, your SEO strategy needs to adapt and stay at the forefront in the SEO game. We strongly advise you to keep an eye on the latest SEO changes and trends and not be afraid to experiment with different techniques and tools in your strategy. Watch more videos and read more newsletters – learning is extremely important to staying relevant in the SEO game.


To sum up, dental SEO strategies are crucial to improve your visibility and ranking. It’s a long-term and ongoing process that takes hard work before you can see the results, but it’s worth it when you see your practice grow.


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