Seo Ye Ji

Since the topics were released, Gold Medalist has defended Seo Ye Ji, stating that the transcript of the text messages the actress shared with actor Kim Jung Hyun is incomplete and misleading. Regarding her academic background, her agency made it clear that the actress should attend the Complutense University of Madrid, but could not do so due to her acting career. The agency went on to explain that Seo Ye Ji made a mistake on her guest appearance at Knowing Brothers when she suggested she graduated from university.

“She made a mistake on the variety show because she was nervous and then suddenly she was asked a question in an unfamiliar setting. She tried to correct it immediately in a subsequent interview,” said gold medalist.

Meanwhile, two longtime associates who worked with Seo Ye Ji defended the actress against allegations made by a certain anonymous internet user that she was guilty of verbally abusing her employees.

Seo Ye Jin to pay KRW billions in fines?

After a series of controversial allegations against the actress, “It’s okay to be wrong,” various brands have erased traces of Seo Ye Ji’s advertising campaigns.

These brands included the cosmetics and beauty brands AK Beauty’s LUNA and New Origin’s Inner Flora. Mask brand VRE has also dropped its promotions, which included Seo Ye Ji. In addition, the sunglasses brand RIETI has removed its video collaboration with Seo Ye Ji from its YouTube channel.

As more brands cut ties with the actress, Seo Ye Ji is expected to pay billions in fines due to the cancellation of advertising campaigns and breach of contract.

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