Qamar Zaman, an international SEO consultant, explains best practices in the Marketing Master Class on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

International SEO consultant Qamar Zaman teaches Marketing Masterclass

Episode 5 – Optimizing Your Content and Google Link Update

Episode 5 – Optimizing Your Content and Google Link Update

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, July 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Our latest episode of the Mission Matters Podcast Marketing Masterclass features insights from Qamar Zaman and Adam Torres. In this podcast they explain the basics of link building and how to adapt to the new Google update.

While many small businesses understand the importance of content marketing to their business growth, SEO and content marketing are more complicated than it seems. In a new episode of the Mission Matters podcast, Qamar Zaman explains the basics of optimizing your content for Google.

International SEO consultant

International SEO consultant

SEO consultant Qamar Zaman (right) – podcast host Adam Torres left

Mission Matters and Qamar Zaman’s Google Marketing Masterclass is primarily focused on creating content that will help small businesses gain momentum. Adam and Qamar discuss how to prepare such content so that it can be found by search engines. They also share valuable information on Google’s recent update on links in YouTube episode 5 [Optimizing Your Content for Google]

Qamar’s digital marketing consultancy, KissPR, uses a unique storytelling approach to help businesses grow organically while building customer relationships. As a member of the Forbes Agency Council and a published author, Qamar is considered a thought leader in search engine marketing.

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Podcast episode: Qamar Zaman talks about topics like optimizing content for Google and the basics of linking. Also how to adapt to the Google update.

Instead of hiring one consultant for SEO audit and another for SEO, Qamar recommends that business owners hire two consultants. This ensures that there are checks and balances in place and that you only get the services you need.

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Qamar Zman founded Kiss PR, a leading digital growth company, in Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) in 2003. A successful entrepreneur for years, Zaman has helped elite law firms and corporations reach new heights. With KISS PR, companies can expand their online presence, save time and money and expand their business. Brands around the world have used this unique storytelling model. KissPR has told over 31,000 stories to help keep small businesses on their way to success. Visit KissPR at

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