Amid this pandemic and the associated economic impact, the app industry is the fastest growing segment in the world with projected sales of over $ 935 billion by 2023.

In fact, the number of smartphone users worldwide now exceeds three billion and is expected to increase by several hundred million over the next few years. This is huge!
With over 4.66 billion internet users, marketing technology is constantly shifting towards personalized marketing. If you don’t know your users, you can’t give them exactly what they want. Personalization gives you insights into their preferences so you can create tailored experiences.

With over 53% of the world’s population on social media, it’s important that your business has an effective social media strategy in place to help you reach your target audience.
However, not every company can afford an entire social media team that includes content writers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and social media experts. However, this doesn’t mean that new app founders will lose the game. Now is the time to hit the hammer hard with affordable social media marketing and a dash of personalization.

Today’s app review gives you one such marketing tool: AI lets you automate and optimize your social media content creation for you. And let small businesses use AI to create an entire social media calendar.

With the AIMIsocial app, companies can grow more efficiently through AI-supported social media marketing. Once you use this app, you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time learning or managing social media marketing.

In the AIMIsocial app review, we’re going to go over the various aspects of this app. Let’s dive in.

AIMIsocial App – Social Media Marketing in Minutes!

AIMIsocial is a free app developed by Prebuilt Marketing LLC that uses machine learning to automate your social media marketing efforts. The app writes, designs, creates, and plans social media posts for all of your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., strictly using its AI engine.

This AI-powered social media marketing app creates user-generated social media content and manages social media marketing campaigns.

And the best thing about this app is that it does all of these things automatically. All you need to do is approve the template that works best for you. You can create and schedule posts for a week or a month in just minutes. And done! You are all ready to go.

Most small business owners don’t know how to write content, aren’t marketers, or don’t have the time to learn. Hence, they have marketing tools that they do not use effectively or at all. It’s like being given a racing car without a driver.

~ Zachary Hedges, CEO and President of PreBuilt Marketing.


Top 5 Ways AIMISocial App can take your social media marketing to the next level

This application contains many innovative features that are self-explanatory as they are controlled by artificial intelligence. Some of these cool features are:

1. Create social media marketing campaigns with AI

Creating social media posts for your business has never been easier with the help of AI. This feature of the AIMIsocial app enables you to run some of the most extraordinary AI social media marketing campaigns that companies can use to increase the quality and quantity of their customer base.

A good social media management policy promises you more profit, customer loyalty, and customer recognition.

2. Unique designs for postings

All social media posts created for you are based on your business needs, so the whole scenario is completely customizable. The AIMIsocial app works very hard to make your social media posts look great with graphic design content. It utilizes high resolution images that users can use to deliver business ideas to customers.

3. Specialized content for each post

Businesses can make their brand stand out by creating social media release schedules with user-generated content and crediting them in the posts. You can create and schedule posts for your social media marketing campaigns without having to work extra hours. All of this can be done in minutes, making it much easier for users to focus on other areas of the business.

4. Publication of the social media calendar

AIMIsocial App believes in consistent results. Hence, it helps the user gain consistency by creating a social media calendar that allows the user to set a schedule for each individual post for the entire social media marketing campaign.

Users can create a complete plan for months of their marketing campaign. Schedule and schedule your posts for each day of your campaign. It helps retain your customers and keep them from slipping through, at least not due to inconsistencies.

5. Always learn

Since the AIMIsocial app is AI-based, it learns more and more. It adapts to your posting habits and the latest trends in the field. In addition to optimizing the daily content, AIMI also prepares your social media content calendar for the next day and even for the next month.

Available to a wide variety of businesses

In the AIMIsocial review, we found that the AIMIsocial app offers its services to a wide variety of businesses, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Weight Loss & Nutrition Products
  • travel
  • Barber, nail salon and barber shop
  • service provider
  • Retail stores (clothing, home & garden, toys, antiques, etc.)
  • Life & Biz Coach
  • spa
  • nail studio
  • Hairdressers & hairdressing salons
  • Network marketer
  • plumber
  • painter
  • Landscaper and so on.

This feature allows the user to choose the field that suits them best. You get new fields every day.

AIMIsocial App Ratings and Specifications


The AIMIsocial app can be used free of charge. It does include in-app purchases, however: Pro Plus for $ 124.99 and Pro for $ 99.99. The rating of the AIMIsocial app is also good.

MAD Ratings

Design – 4.5 stars
User friendliness – 4.5 stars
Characteristics – 4.5 stars
Reliability – 4.2 stars

Our verdict

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to automate social media marketing but are on a tight budget, the AIMIsocial app is the best solution for you. It offers an automated social media posting schedule for all of your business needs.

The social media marketing app is highly customizable. You can use campaigns to create a custom calendar, add custom posts, images, or collections. You don’t have to spend hours trying to create a perfect post as AIMI (app) will do it for you.

The free version allows for two posts, a calendar, and some soft paywalls. While in Pro AIMIsocial really shines through features like custom campaigns, unlimited calendars, custom images, etc. and others are unlocked.

This is about a review of the AIMIsocial app, an AI-based social media marketing tool. You can download the AIMIsocial app and share your views here. If you have such an app and want us to rate your app for real reasons, have your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily.

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