The agency’s proactivity, adaptability and creativity in the face of the pandemic mark this anniversary as one of the most successful with over 55 collective awards, the expansion of the service portfolio and almost 90+ clients and projects over the entire lifetime of the agency

NRPR Group, Inc. (NRPR), the award-winning public relations agency based in the heart of Beverly Hills, today proudly celebrates its seventh successful year in which it reinvents and redefines the art of public relations in the modern age. In the course of its history, the NRPR Group, the “Agency of the Future”, has set new standards for customer representation, media work, industry participation and dynamic, strategic storytelling. The team’s relentless dedication to its customers, its industry and each other has not only produced consistent results, growth and success year after year – it has enabled them to thrive in one of the most uncertain periods of time in the recent past. As a result of this collaboration, the NRPR Group is celebrating its seventh anniversary with 58 customers and 29 projects, a total of over 7 years, together with 11 new awards (55 in total) and two new, industry-disruptive lines of business: and NRPR Business Pro (Biz Pro ™ ).

“When I founded the NRPR Group in 2014, I was thrilled and fearful when I left a successful career at a PR agency after building a solid reputation. I knew I had the skills and with the right people I could create a dream team and deliver truly strategic PR and integrated marketing services to clients in the most effective way, “said Nicole Rodrigues, CEO and founder of the NRPR Group. “I am proud and proud of all that we have achieved while carefully expanding the agency. I pride myself on my team of seasoned writers, communicators, problem solvers, and thinkers who understand the value of building strong customer relationships and continue to build long-term connections between customers, brands, media, and influencers. We have exceeded many of the goals I originally set for myself and continue to serve our customers with new services such as NRPR Productions and NRPR Business Productions as well as the PR industry with the PRfect Pitch Podcast. “

NRPR is a full-service agency on more than 90 customer engagements and projects as well as employees based in. has grown The angel, the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, new York, Chicago and the Pacific Northwest and continues to develop and thrive.

Since its inception, NRPR has received over 55 individual and agency awards, most recently in 2021:

  • Hermes Creative Award – Silver Prize for Public Relations / Communication | Strategic Programs | Crisis communication plan
  • Stevie Award – Communications, Investor Relations or PR Executive of the Year
  • Dotcom Magazine – Impact Company of the 2021 Award Winner
  • Mirror Review – The 10 Most Admired Business Women in 2021
  • Business Talk – Elite League of Influential Entrepreneurs – 2021
  • Mirror Review – The 10 Best Reputation Management Companies, 2021
  • Exeleon Magazine – 100 Best Companies
  • Innovative Zone – The 10 Most Stylish Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Around The World
  • The Leaders Globe – The Most Powerful Women in Business 2021
  • Insight Success – Inspirational female leaders who will make a difference in 2021
  • Business Fame – The most influential business women to follow in 2021

NRPR has also expanded its customer base and gained four long-term customers and 3 projects in 2021:

  • 2Y3X, a growth accelerator that enables companies to re-fuel their profits through a proven system and triple their sales in two years. – Project
  • 360 Clinic, a forward-thinking, patient-centric, comprehensive network of health services and providers creating a brighter future for a post-pandemic world. – Project
  • AthletesTouch, the exclusive community of former college and professional athletes who excel in the business world.
  • DreamView, the global power source for infinitely reusable, photo-realistic asset generation in real time and AR / VR-enhanced lifestyle scene creation that makes dream landscapes come true for e-commerce platforms and brands worldwide.
  • Ethos Capital, an investment firm whose goal is to change the face of private equity for the better. Ethos invests in experienced companies that share their values ​​that are innovative, open-minded, passionate and energetic
  • The One Heart Movement, a movement that focuses on uniting us as a national and global community to help us meet current and future challenges, including supporting our health heroes and the families of health heroes we use in this Lost the fight against COVID-19; and
  • Unleashed LGBTQ, in its inaugural year, this event is tailored for the high performing and connected LGBTQ community of industry professionals and hopefuls. – Project