Animesh Kumar has started his own company called Animesh Digital through which he will provide free advice on digital marketing and public relations. The counseling session is free of charge and depends on the customers whether they use other services or not.

He will use his eight years of experience to promote the newbies / startups and his customers and to explain the techniques that digital marketing can use to grow their business. He will also advise on how to improve your company by using PR services.

He has worked for corporations, YouTubers, startups, celebrities and many other people from various industries. To date, he has advised over 100 individuals and startups for free and helped them grow their businesses.

When considering how to improve and grow your company / startup, you need to properly learn and advise the PR strategies. There will be ample rewards for it, including better visibility and improved credibility. Overall, digital marketing and PR services lead to more sales and better sales potential for your company.

For this reason, public relations and digital marketing should be the focus of every startup / company. PR services improve the company and connect with the media. Traditional marketing is good, but in today’s world of innovation and technology, the demand and need for digital marketing is growing as it helps attract more traffic than traditional marketing and bring in engagements as well as leads for you.

And Animesh Kumar is there for the startups to provide learning and services including running social media campaigns, implementing the PR strategy, generating leads for sales and email marketing through Animesh Digital.

Published April 4, 2021