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Social media has undoubtedly changed the way individuals interact and communicate around the world. In fact, it has become a daily practice in many people’s lives. Social media is not only a platform for entertainment, but also a crucial medium for marketing strategies in companies.

Currently, most SMBs use social media to build their brand online. Social media platforms are a versatile marketing tool and are inexpensive. There are currently different social platforms, but not all are created equal. Hence, finding the perfect one is essential to effectively reach your target audience, especially in business.

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Secured € 1.5 million

Meet Willow (formerly Contento), a Belgian social media platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs. The Ghent-based company recently raised 1.5 million euros from SmartFin, PMV, Alex Brabers, Marc Vanderheyden and imec.istart. To date, the company has collected around 3 million euros.

Ludwig Dumont, Willow CEO: “We are delighted to welcome Tier A companies SmartFin and PMV as new Willow shareholders. Over the past 3 years we have gained real intimate knowledge of the market and developed a number of fundamental processes from which we can now continue to benefit. This new round of financing fits in well with our growth path. “

Use of funds

The latest round of funding will help the startup grow and scale the company internationally. It includes hiring new talent for the sales, marketing, customer success, and product teams, building Willow’s brand awareness, and further expanding the company’s product portfolio.

Make social media accessible to SMEs

Willow was founded in 2018 and aims to make social media marketing accessible to SMBs. The company offers a unique mix of AI-based social media content tools and a coaching service – both human and digital – by a social media expert.

Social media health assessment

In addition, the company also provides metrics to users – Willow’s Social Media Health Score. According to the company, customer ratings are based on three key factors:

  • Consistency: post regularly and stay in the news week after week.
  • Content Mix: Post a balanced variety of content types to keep the audience interested.
  • Involve employees: Help employees get involved, share content and post regularly on their social networks.

The score helps users to use Willow’s smart software more and more independently. On the other hand, the Willow tool has an intelligence that reports to the customer. In addition, a team of social media coaches provides further support.

“Most of our current customers really appreciate their monthly check-ins with our coaches,” says COO Steven Van Kerkhoven. “Our experts help create the right structure, improve your content mix and advise on how to involve employees and work with them to achieve more social media engagement.”

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