In this day and age, gaining an audience on social media can be the fuel that changes a person’s brand for a lifetime. This is even more true in today’s crowded social media attention market where entrepreneurs, brands and creators compete in the arena for attention and commerce. Fortunately, Bigsy Media is one of the few digital media agencies that understood the formula for attracting attention, which translates into branding and dollars.

Founded by a team of experts in social media marketing, Bigsyhad previously participated in helping organizers of giveaways for personalities like Rick Ross, Lil Durk, and others make their campaigns successful, and had learned how to attract a targeted audience and translate that audience into fans. Bigsy Media knew from the start what to avoid when bringing celebs and brands together to help their customers reach the desired market for their products and services. They say one of the most important keys is honesty.

Honesty can go a long way with customers and in today’s world where there are tons of places to get fake or real-looking followers. Bigsy managed to get real authentic followers for some of today’s top influencers and companies in a flash. For one, the famous clothing brand Boohoo or BoohoomanInstead, she tripled her engagement and reached hundreds of thousands and more followers within a few days Bigsy Media team.

You also helped another company that manages campaigns for some of today’s best celebrity artists. The team’s ability to achieve the goals of its constituents with the success of Their campaigns have enabled them to stand out from the crowd as a trusted resource for others.

Freebies have not always been the best growth option, although it is a proven and best method of growing. However, Bigsy Media have found ways and learned specific tactics to ensure that the growth that is coming in is actually helping the customer and keeping its promises to customers. When other giveaway companies increase their number with inauthentic followers, get involved in not actually giving away the promised gifts and not actually paying their celebrities, Bigsy is the trusted giveaway marketing resource that actually honors their agreements and goes through the agreed details.

All in all, today’s giveaway marketing game was unique. It got people to take improper advantage, it got companies to lie to their customers, and there were fake gifts all in one. Still, Bigsy Media is the light in the darkness of this arena of social media growth, enabling customers to feel confident that things are going in a good direction and that they will take care of them. In the network of giving, it is good to know that it is finally coming from good hands.

Published on July 1, 2021