Digital and social media marketing start brand advertising with viral campaigns and trending content. Many digital agencies are now partnering with brands and influencers to storm into social media. In line with the current marketing trend, content on digital platforms only has a very short period of time to take effect. With audiences from all over the world, the demand for something new and interesting continues to be the trend.

Digital marketing agencies face fierce competition when it comes to creating content and running successful campaigns. Most digital agencies, however, rely on social media influencers for the duration of their content. These social media influencers are working on niche content that they already have millions of followers for. The agencies look forward to converting their followers into potential clients of their clients. At BrookHaven Media, the situation is different. This digital marketing agency has an edge over other agencies as it is managed by a creator and influencer, Scott Popescu.

Scott Popescu is a 27 year old influencer and entrepreneur from the United States. Due to his growing interest in social media platforms, he founded his own digital marketing agency BrookHaven Media. In order for his business to work, Scott thought of learning from the ground up. During the process, he became a social media influencer himself and gained millions of followers Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram Accounts.

This helped BrookHaven Media stand out from the crowd in the digital space. While other agencies are looking for a suitable influencer to work with, Scott Popescu can run his agency’s projects through his extensive social media presence. Under his guidance, BrookHaven Media works with high-end clients on multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Currently the agency is creating influencers, producing explosive marketing campaigns and also working on viral TikTok dance trends. Scott Popescu makes sure that his customers get maximum exposure on all social media platforms.

Scott works with a dedicated and hardworking team at BrookHaven Media. He credits BrookHaven Media’s success to everyone who has been there from humble beginnings on its path to success. After overcoming many obstacles and criticisms, he realized that the key to achieving his goal is commitment and perseverance. He worked harder every day for many years until he could get the results he wanted.

Today BrookHaven Media generates seven-figure revenues from online viral advertising campaigns. The agency works with top clients in the industry. Looking back on his journey to success, Scott Popescu is grateful for the challenges he faced as each of them made him stronger. He believes that obstacles are part of success and shouldn’t be feared, but taken as lessons to get closer to the goal.

Given the explosive growth of social media and the ever-changing trends you see every day, Scott Popescu wants to continue his journey with BrookHaven Media for a long time to come. He believes more exciting business opportunities await that will help his agency BrookHaven Media reach new heights. He also wants to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into the digital realm but are afraid of the challenges. He set an example for them to follow their dreams and live them.

Photography by: Scott Popescu