Background of the founders and what is the journey behind ManyChat

Mike Yan, CEO of ManyChat, started developing an entertainment social network called YouComedy, similar to Pinterest, but for anecdotes

He later saw the potential in creating a simple platform to help people carry out telegram transmissions. This platform became what is changing the face of modern business marketing, sales and support today: ManyChat.

The Y combiner’s rejection in 2015 didn’t stop him from changing the game. He realized that the way marketing channels develop is based on how human behavior evolves.

Its guess proved correct as more and more people adopted messaging apps over the years, and it eventually became the number one way to connect with people.

Today, ManyChat is the world’s leading chat marketing platform enabling businesses to use Instagram DM Automation, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email to create personal connections with customers.

The platform currently supports over 1 billion conversations and sends eight billion messages every month.

How many chats help different sectors?

ManyChat is helping many companies automate their marketing efforts by implementing messenger bots and Instagram automation in their wheelhouse. On Instagram in particular, we are seeing how companies like eCommerce and influencers can reduce the response time to messages in their inbox as they can use our autoresponder and send messages straight to a live agent who will be notified instantly on our app.

Frazer Brookes, for example, sells a book. And he found that we could help him get in touch with his followers thanks to the Story Mention function. This was an important factor as most of the messages or story mentions end up in the request inbox and are often overlooked. So, Story Mentions allows these DMs to get into his main inbox and he can connect with his audience.

Because we can help him get in touch with his followers right away, he grew from 60,000 to 117,000 followers, improved his engagement by 40% and got 200 sales page views in a 30-minute window.

How does email marketing compare to a chatbot?

Email marketing is one of many. Chat marketing is 1-1. It is a personalized conversation that allows the user to take immediate action, right within the conversation. We also saw a much higher CTR with chatbot, averaging around 80% open rate and 25% click rate. The average open rate for emails today is around 15% and the CTR is 2.5%.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the conversation with chat can collect data, which means you can ask a range of questions tailored to that conversation which will help marketers better target it in the future and be better at theirs Offer articles tailored to your preferences.

Which social media platforms are currently supporting

ManyChat is a business partner of Facebook Premiere. We are currently integrating with Messenger and Instagram. We’re in closed beta for WhatsApp and can’t wait to open it to the public!

Future plans (if they can share).

We’re working on some robust features for Instagram. And of course WhatsApp. We’re in closed beta and can’t wait to open it up to others soon.