Chris Chung on the highest 5 explanation why firms fail in social media advertising and marketing

Almost every company has tried to position itself in this digital world in the social media space. Everyone is fighting for a brand name that is present on almost all social media platforms. The rush is to take advantage of the massive and diverse social media users spread across the various platforms. While there’s a huge opportunity for brands here, it’s not easy to do on a large scale, explains Facebook advertising strategist Chris Chung.

Chris Chung is American, born in Los Angeles, California, and currently lives in Hong Kong. He is the CEO of Locate 852, a company he founded in 2016 to help high-growth companies and entrepreneurs grow using Facebook advertising. Chris Chung built and launched his brand to become a well-known social media marketer. You can reach him on Instagram at Chrisichung.

1. Focus on beautiful pictures instead of offering added value

Some companies jump onto social media platforms and start promoting their products with nice pictures, but they don’t get much out of real value. While great looking ads are an important part of bottom line marketing, if the audience doesn’t see value in what you are selling, you are wasting a ton of time and money.

2. Do not test and adjust often

Many companies come to Facebook and Instagram with a plan on how to make it work. They are reached quickly and the results are likely to be very different from what you expected. It’s not uncommon for the first few campaigns to produce nondescript results. The companies that win on Facebook advertising platform are the ones that keep testing new images, ad copy, and strategies until they find what works. They adapt quickly to what really works, rather than sticking to a plan that doesn’t give them the results they need to scale profitably.

3. Inconsistency with their posts

Perhaps this is a common mistake that any company can admit. If you are inconsistent, you will not achieve your social media marketing goals. Chris Chung is a true example of the importance of consistency in social media marketing. Every company strives to claim a place in customer feeds. If you don’t develop a consistent publishing plan, your content may not be visible to your audience.

4. Don’t reinforce large content

Many businesses love getting free traffic from organic posts. What they forget is that working organically with paid ads works even better. These brands should reinforce great content and its results by investing some advertising money behind content that has already proven appealing to their target audience.

5. Wrong platform

Although all social media platforms offer similar services, they differ when it comes to marketing. Some companies simply fail by using the wrong forum. It is good to identify the platform that is a good fit for your brand in order to get effective results.

Avoid these mistakes and your business is well on its way to thriving on social media. Chris Chung works with high-growth brands and entrepreneurs who want to quickly scale their growth using ads on Facebook and Instagram. His expertise helps brands grow sales by going way beyond what brands can achieve with just the basics.


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