Social proof is everything when it comes to making a memorable impression, building trust, and ultimately sealing the deal. Chris Kostantewicz and agency owners like him help their clients get promoted in high-profile publications like Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX and many others. He also works with agencies in Los Angeles and around the world to host celebrity events and drive his clients’ organic traffic to their social channels. It helped Chris scale his ck media agency from 0 to 6 numbers in less than 3 years with persistence, purpose and determination.

If I could teach you one thing

“The success I have today was by no means overnight or without the collaboration of many friends in the industry and incredible customers,” says Chris. “Time and again, entrepreneurs start businesses or try to do what I do and quit within the first week because they are told ‘no’ too often, 1 and the truth is, you have to try hundreds of times in sales and life , a day, perfect your methods and pitches before you can truly become a full-service agency; one that, in addition to exceptional retention, also has a high conversion rate. The truth is that running an efficient and effective agency is not easy. This is why there aren’t many agency owners that you’ve heard of in real life. Of course, we all know Gary Vee, but we can’t all be Gary Vee (and maybe that’s a good thing). I love you, Gary Vee. “Says Chris. “In short, it’s so clichéd, but if I could tell a new entrepreneur just starting out what they should do is find something that is profitable, scalable, that makes you happy, and the opportunities If you stick to the same thing every time you know it, if you stick to it, you will be truly successful in whatever you choose to do. Just make sure you are aware of your surroundings and turn around when necessary. Sometimes the best solution is to fold and do something different but stay in the same niche. “Says Chris. By that I mean, if a method, process, or situation isn’t going smoothly, find out how to fix it before it slows you down.

Innovative and perfect what has already been done

One thing that Apple is often calling the public for is releasing “new” devices that aren’t even really “new” ideas. For example, there were many variations of wireless earbuds before the AirPods, but to be honest, nothing came close to the seamless nature of Apple’s fantastic Airpods, to the point where I couldn’t even imagine myself thinking at all when I did she lost today about returning to a pair of cables or another brand or comparable WiFi option. Chris Kostantewicz built his California-based company on some of Steve Jobs’ marketing tactics, elements of exclusivity, but mostly by taking something that wasn’t necessarily new, a societal need, and doing it as well as possible. Chris always admired the grown up tech founder Steve Jobs and one day wanted to do wishful thinking in partnership with Apple.

“I wasn’t the first in celebrity giveaways, but I’ve been creating a safe, seamless, and concierge experience every day so that my customers can get social evidence online from legitimate sources that lives up to their bold claims. I’ve been in the game for years so I know who to work with reliably and who you’d rather not work with. Having myself as a guide to the ever-changing landscape of social media is critical to staying relevant and effective for your brand online and online through 2021 and beyond, ”says Chris. With all that said, you can navigate this world of vigilant social evidence without an A-list advisor like Chris, but the cost of working with less professional companies will likely cost you more than the premium that is required to hire someone who knows what they’re doing it. Since 2018, Chris has helped thousands of customers around the world and learned to adapt and get along with just about anyone so they can take advantage of the best deals for you and demand the best experience and growth for you and your business.

In the end, I have to shine to be the best

“I think in an over-saturated environment like social media marketing, there will be a very obvious division between the agencies that demand the most attention and respect and those that only fly at night. Ultimately, doing what we do is by no means easy, but to be the best you have to stand out and perfect every corner of the equation. I think in the future, many of the people you have seen on the internet for years will grow taller than anyone would have thought and many others will just fade into silence. “Says Chris. “One important thing, however, is that I want to encourage everyone out there on the fence to start your first business, just go there and do it, especially during the pandemic last year. Many of us have realized that the only person we can rely on was ourselves, so at the end of the day you just have to get out there and do it sometimes. Take a risk, you never know how far you can go sometimes. “Chris’ ck media is arguably one of the most respected and well-known celebrity giveaways and public relations agencies in the Los Angeles area. So his name is gaining weight as he brings more and more to the table for the customers he helps every day.

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