July 27, 2021
By Roger Jones

When Ian Carroll, originally from Cork, founded his own digital marketing agency in April 2019, he couldn’t imagine the major obstacles that would have presented themselves so early.

Less than a year after starting operations, the coronavirus hit the Irish coasts and completely changed the landscape of the business world in a matter of weeks. With the closure of stationary stores, the already rapid changeover to online shopping accelerated.

SEO services cork

A digital presence was more important than ever, this is where Ian Carroll and Digital Funnel came in

“We pride ourselves on being recognized as the premier SEO service provider in Cork – Search Engine Optimization, which in layman’s terms means the process of increasing the visibility of your website when people search for it online. It’s a complex field, but the ultimate goal is for your website, or a specific page of your website, to rank high in online search engines and appear at the top of search results. “

The vast majority of people don’t know how SEO works – or how an SEO agency can benefit your business. People in the SEO industry have been warning for years that if you don’t rank on the first page of Google search results, you will lose money –

“There’s some truth to that, yes, we’d say if you are getting low conversions on your website, it means people can’t find you. Less than 2% of visitors click on page 2 of Google, so page 1 rankings are essential. We often see companies popping up on these elaborate, gorgeous websites that don’t have SEO optimization. It’s like building a huge, state-of-the-art boutique for your new clothing store, but it’s at the end of a cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere, who will find it? SEO improves your online visibility, which in turn increases traffic and then conversions. When we create a website, it is designed to be functional, fast, aesthetically pleasing, and fully optimized for SEO purposes. “

Company in cork & SEO

Working with a number of different organizations from a wide variety of sectors, Digital Funnel has seen a growing list of customers and employees over the past 12 months. Ian Carroll said:

“Right from the start, when I started Digital Funnel, I started working with a small handful of clients – O’Flynn Medical, Russell & Co Chartered Accountants and Wood Flooring Ireland, all fantastic Cork based companies that have been with me from the start were. It’s an extremely satisfying process to work with these fantastic companies, and especially to support them during a crazy year.

A Digital Funnel customer is John Russell, founder and partner at Russell & Co, who said:

“I worked with Ian and the Digital Funnel team in late 2019 to redesign our online presence, which didn’t exist at the time. I found working with the team great. All aspects of the project were outlined from the start and I was updated as each milestone was reached. The results for Russell & Co. were simply fantastic. “

Carroll says business in Cork is booming despite the impact of the coronavirus and a number of customers are actively expanding their businesses and facing new challenges – “A real success story for Cork is that of Wisetek, which we have been with for over a year now. You are an IT asset disposition company with offices around the world. They are a truly global solution, but our primary focus has been helping the company with their SEO strategies in the highly competitive US marketplace. They keep developing and growing the company and they have been fantastic to work with. Similarly, we have helped Cantec Group launch 3 new websites over the past few months. Consisting of three separate companies, Docutec, Promotive and SmartOffice AP, Cantec was in the news recently for the launch of their fantastic customs clearance software, which will significantly reduce customs clearance time due to Brexit. “

Expansion of the business

The growth is not solely due to the customer list, however, as Carroll has hired 4 new full-time employees in the past 6 months.

“As the business started growing, it was time to expand and introduce some new team members. We specialize in SEO, but we are also a complete digital agency. We provide PPC services, web design services and we are also excited to now offer a great new digital PR option. When all of these limbs of the same body work together, you can achieve tremendous results. For example, we are happy to work with the great, family-run company JK Electrical Services from Cork. Recently we have combined our SEO strategies with some traditional social media campaigns, digital PR efforts, and email campaigns with great success. The effort resulted in an inbox full of leads for the solar panel side of their business and a number of customers signing up for their email newsletter. “

The future of digital funnel & SEO in Cork

What’s next for Digital Funnel? The sky’s the limit, with a move to space on the horizon and exciting new offerings.

“We are in the process of moving to a larger office, as soon as the restrictions allow it, of course! As already mentioned, we have recently started offering our customers a digital PR service that really sets us apart from the competition. Digital PR is very similar to your traditional PR, but much more geared towards the digital world. We have had great success with the service so far, with a number of customers featured in major online publications such as The Journal.ie, Yahoo News and Business.com. “

If you want to improve your online presence, it is best to turn to an experienced SEO company. Digital Funnel specializes in SEO in Cork and across Ireland. SEO can serve all types of businesses, from B2B, B2C, ecommerce sites, and everything in between. If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, order a free SEO audit today.