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Crash Touchdown On You {Couples}: Are Kim Jung-hyun and Search engine optimization Ji-hye Collectively?


Crash Landing On You is the gift that is given over and over again. A year after it got into our hearts and spawned a new legion of K-drama fans around the world, the massive hit with Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin continues to make waves.

The big reveal earlier this year revealed that the show’s much-hyped main couple were actually dating in real life and that the show is being turned into a musical more recently. The latest is that Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye, the series’ beloved second main couple who played South Korean refugee Gu Seung-jun / Alberto Gu and North Korean heiress Seo Dan, have been dating for a year.

Korean media company Dispatch, which specializes in celebrity couples, has just confirmed that Kim and Seo’s sizzling chemistry has spilled over into real life in Crash Landing On You, and the handsome ones have been secretly seeing each other for a year. The actors’ representatives quickly denied the rumors, but that didn’t stop fans from celebrating and wishing the news was true.

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