Not all SEO experts make the same amount of money, the average income naturally depends on their job description and years of experience in this field. A survey was recently carried out by the Search Engine Journal (SEJ), in which more than 2,600 experts in search engine optimization (SEO) took part, including 61% from the USA, 12% from India and around 4% from Great Britain a small part from Canada (2nd , 4%) and the rest of the experts came from other countries in the world. Approximately 76% of the professionals had more than two years of experience. These numbers will give you a clue so that you can claim the salary as well as you consider these numbers during your interview in the appropriate area.

During the survey, out of 2,600 respondents, only 2,300 professionals gave information about their salaries, while 150 experts said it was their confidential information and they did not want to share it publicly.

The survey released income class data that roughly 60% of SEO professionals have the same income or even slightly more than the national median income in the US, which is $ 57,456 for men and $ 47,299 for, according to the United States report Women is state office. Not all experts earn the same income; there are around 40% of experts who earn below the US median income. Nearly 19% of SEO professionals earn more than $ 100,000 annually and even nearly 4% of professionals work twice that number annually.

The figures show that the figure of $ 149,000 is achievable for experts, but there are few top professionals who accept salaries in excess of $ 200,000, most of whom have the experience of 20 years or even more, and only 4% of professionals have this number of experts. Most people will be in the $ 50,000 to $ 70,000 range. The experts from developing countries earn less income than those from developed countries; SEO experts from India, for example, earn less than the national US media revenues.

Below are the salary numbers based on their job description or title. More than a quarter of junior positions start in the $ 35,000 to $ 49,000 range. About 32% of SEO managers have a similar number of earings as the US national media revenue. The directors and executives make more than US media revenue that is more than $ 100,000 and one of the reasons is to start their own business or run their websites as well. Not all freelancers are well paid, with 44% of them earning below the US median income. One reason for their low income is that they are typically less experienced, including 12% from India.

When applying for a related job, people need to keep in mind that companies’ job posting will not receive the same salary as advertised each time applicants pass the interview.

The number of experience is the main reason for higher income as 27% of professionals increase the salary from $ 35,000 to $ 49,000 when they have 2 to 4 years of experience in the relevant field. 32% of professionals who earn almost the same or even more than national US media revenue have 5 to 10 years experience. 25% of SEO professionals with 11 to 20 years of experience earn between $ 75,000 and $ 99,000. 17% of the experts, who earn approximately $ 200,000, have more than 20 years of experience in the relevant field.

SEO has become more difficult than it was before, and as people gain more expertise, knowledge and skills in the relevant field, their earnings automatically increase.

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