Manchester’s Dark Horse has further strengthened its management team with a new Head of SEO and Head of Marketing.

Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane joins the marketing role after previously serving as Marketing Manager in the Photonics division of Novanta Inc.

“Dark Horse offers a new attitude from other digital agencies that challenges industry norms and raises the bar for digital expectations,” she said.

“I was drawn to Dark Horse for its ambitious mindset as well as its ability to positively influence a growing company. I look forward to building the customer base and educating our market about what to expect from digital agencies. No more mediocrity! ‘

Her new Head of SEO is Ionie Ince, who has held the same role at We Influence since 2019. Before that she was at Click Consult.

“The most exciting thing about Dark Horse is the commitment to clear and honest results without settling for the average,” she said.

“So often agencies hide lackluster performance behind a fog of jargon and vanity metrics. I wanted to focus on commercial SEO – actually improving a client’s bottom line – and not let outdated processes stop me. No more excuses, no “but that’s how we always did it”. I am ready to expand the team, build on our know-how and achieve great success for our customers. “

The company, which works with clients Buffalo 7, Hollands Country Clothing, I Want Wallpaper and The Hub Events, also hired its SEO and PPC team after the arrival of a Head of PPC at the turn of the year.

The company was founded in 2020 and is targeting sales of £ 1.5 million by December.