Most people who don’t know the direct URL of your website will search by your name, real estate agents, or properties for sale near you to find the information they are looking for. If you want to show up in search results for these people, you need to optimize your website for search engines. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Build the right link

Creating the right link can be difficult because of the complex algorithms that search engines use to determine which websites should relate to search terms and how they should appear in search results. One component that these algorithms take into account is trustworthiness. To determine if your website is a trusted website, search engines will check how often your website is visited, whether or not visitors are interacting with your content, and whether other trusted websites are sharing links to your website.

In the past, website builders could create a directory page with links to well-known, trusted websites to build their own credibility. Search engines are smarter now, however. You don’t want to see a list of links to external sources. The algorithms prefer relevant links that make sense in the context. It is also helpful to have reciprocal links, in other words that the trusted websites you link contain links to your website.

Choosing the right link building partner

Since link building works best when reciprocated, consider what you have to offer the companies you link to on your website, as well as any other companies that may benefit from a link on your website.

Before creating a link or contacting a company to switch links, make sure they have a high quality website as this will benefit you more than a low quality website. See the quality of the content, how easy the site is to navigate, and how well it actually performs.

What to offer

Whenever you reach out to someone to share your URL on their website, you should be ready to explain how the URL benefits them. A creative agent can use his partners in a variety of ways. Start by knowing how high your website traffic is and include that in your pitch when you have high traffic numbers. If your followers are on social media, offer to make a live video about their business or message. If necessary, you can also refer customers to them, add them to the top 10 lists / eBooks or create a video together. If you are running seminars or courses, offer to let them speak during the class. You can even offer to join them in sponsoring an event or fundraiser to raise awareness about their business.

How to integrate links

If you’ve already partnered with local businesses, create pages or blog articles that explain the business’s role in buying, selling, or owning a home. Make sure to include links to their website. If you’re not sure what other link building partnership options to consider, consider starting a page about your community. This gives you a platform where you can talk about restaurants, shops and service providers of all kinds and exchange links to them. Remember to include the links organically. Create your content first, then add the links where they make sense.

Link building is just one of many important SEO tactics you need to use in order to show up in local search results. Download the free SEO Simplified eBook here or let help. Visit to learn more about our real estate SEO services.

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