DJ Scher is a 20-year-old multi-entrepreneur who has proven his versatility and skills in niches.

The emergence of new technologies and the development of various economic sectors are due to the growing digital space. That has attracted almost everyone around the world. Every individual today wants to be part of social media platforms, not only for social contacts, but also for marketing purposes, and transform themselves into influencers and entrepreneurs who help other people, brands and companies to generate more leads, increase traffic and increase sales. David Scher, popularly known in the digital industry as DJ Scher, is a new age entrepreneur and social media influencer who shaped his career as a young, self-made businessman, and helped with his innate skills and talents enabling his clients to have exceptional social contacts, including media growth as a publication expert.

The young man, who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Los Angeles, USA, cannot emphasize enough the need for social media as marketing platforms and social media influencers like him to lead people and businesses to higher levels of success. He says the pandemic has further increased the demand for digital marketing for people who are either looking to keep or grow their business. This is also the reason why the 20-year-old enjoys great presence and notoriety with his company Scher Marketing (@schermarketing), where he also focuses on making customers go viral on Twitter.

He explains some of the benefits of killer social media strategies to let people and companies know what they can do with them.

• Increased Brand Awareness: According to DJ Scher, people have no idea what a great social media strategy can do for them. It can increase their brand awareness and help them reach the top of their industry in no time.
• Better engaging with audiences: The right social media marketing strategies can help people connect with their target market and also improve engagement rates, says DJ Scher. This creates a desire for more content from the brands, which further strengthens their connection.
• Increased leads: The more people with pitch-perfect social media marketing strategies come into contact with their audience, the more leads they will gain in their business, emphasizes DJ Scher. With unique social media marketing strategies, viewers will attract the brand the most, which will allow them to trust the brand more.
• Increase Sales and Revenue: DJ Scher says that as your engagement and enthusiasm for people and brands increases, using the right mix of social media marketing strategies will generate more revenue, which leads to higher sales.

There’s probably nothing DJ Scher can’t do. At only 20 years old, he moved mountains and with his modeling agency Discontinue Talent (@discontinue) in collaboration with Alex Smetana, the viral marketing expert, he has immersed himself deeply in entrepreneurship. He also runs his Luxsy dropshipping business, where he targets the women market and grows the business much further during the pandemic due to the increase in online shopping.

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