By Anthony Ada Abraham,

It is quite obvious that there must be a proper social media presence so that a brand can thrive. Kristina Edwards has recognized this early on their entrepreneurial journey. It has established itself as a force in the media and marketing management industry.

Kristina made the switch of land acquisitions as it wasn’t exciting or rewarding for her; She found marketing and enjoys everything that has to do with social media. She looks forward to building and maintaining relationships with people from all over the world. According to her, her new company feels more like a lifestyle and less like a job.

The ship to jump into a new profession was not easy; Kristina has, however, learned the job and is now a remarkable marketing specialist who uses social media to build their brand. Looking back at their journey Kristina shows how she has managed to use their social media skills to build their entrepreneurial ventures and expand.

Be Consistent – This may sound overused in any industry. However, this is one of the most effective ways to expand your business. Using her social media marketing skills, Kristina has worked on strategies and kept them until they got results. She emphasizes how important it is to remember that no strategy leads overnight results. one must tirelessly continue to work. These include a schedule of content, checking the quality of your content and a timetable for publication.


When you invest in your personal brand, build your personal brand, people can recognize your brand in social media. So many brands are competing for the same space as you, and that’s why you need to stand out from people to recognize and connect with your brand. To achieve this, you need to invest in your content and content diversity as Kristina has shown.

Another way Kristina has used her social media skills to grow her brand is by connecting with other brands. It’s easy to reach more people in different industries, when you connect with brands that are not to the same space as you compete.

With a quick look at how Kristina grew her brand using her social media marketing skills, you can apply those same skills to your business, increasing your brand’s presence on social media, and improving your relationship with your existing audience.