From understanding multimedia relationships to realizing the importance of social media branding, news media company #Focuseddd founded by Mobeen Mian has received positive attention due to the branding success rate that has taken place as a result of marketing initiatives. Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and corporations are some of the markets the brand appeals to. The #Focuseddd brand has a number of different ways in which it provides services such as photography, videography, custom clothing, but documentation and branding is a leading service that is constantly being provided by the brand. With ultimate goals leading to helping the images of other companies, artists and musicians through their online presence and in person through interviews, photography and videography. A future public relations issue was raised in a meeting interview with Brenton Saylor, owner of News Media Brand, Mile High Minute, based in Denver, Colorado. Her interview was featured on, one of the world’s largest platforms for entrepreneurship.

Mian recently completed a nationwide tour delivering news media to each location through his #Focuseddd brand. This promotional tour took place in New York City with Dr. Ricco Wright, the owner of Black Wall Street, also in Long Beach and Riverside, California, with Joshua Garcia of Inspired LBC and the infamous producer Meetro, the CEO of Timeless Records, and then held in Denver, Colorado with Mile High Minute. The tour ends in Houston.

Mobeen Mian is an American entrepreneur, analytics ambassador, investor and PhD student who currently runs and oversees his multimedia brand #Focuseddd, which has just over 50,000 active followers on multiple social media platforms worldwide and is growing rapidly. He is a branding consultant specializing in social media marketing, photography, videography, and bespoke clothing for small and large businesses. Mian founded #Focuseddd in 2017 during her studies.

In public relations efforts, Mian says working together in diverse communities to build diversity will be the key to success. Organizationally, not in one area, but in several locations.

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