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Research supports the use of digital platforms to increase brand awareness

(TORONTO: Jan 21, 2021) – Gabriel PR, a Toronto-based digital communications and branding agency, is a big advocate of social media marketing. After extensive market research and proven results, the agency emphasizes the use of social media to increase brand awareness through advertising on suitable social media platforms.

“It’s about using digital communication to raise your awareness,” says Sandra Gabriel, founder of Gabriel PR. “There was a time when you didn’t hear PR and advertising in the same sentence, but nowadays traditional PR has evolved and brands are now forced to rethink public relations,” adds Gabriel. “Digital communications can now include things like online advertising, SEO, video marketing, and influencer relationships with bloggers and YouTubers who are now part of the media too. These are all new communication channels that we are using in our PR tactics to build relationships and increase our customers’ brand awareness. “

Social media marketing grew strongly in the past year in view of the current pandemic. Research has shown that 42 percent of American adults said they spent more time on social media since late March 2020. In the coming year, more companies will prioritize and increase spending on social media advertising. After 62 percent of people saw a product on Facebook Story, they said they were more interested in it. An amazing 92 percent of Instagram users have followed a brand, clicked on their website, or even made a purchase by seeing the product on the platform. The advertising landscape is changing as 52 percent of all online brand discoveries occur in social feeds on multiple platforms.

“Our goal is to create the next generation of big brands,” said Gabriel. “We want to be known for bringing the little man – the entrepreneur who does a fantastic job and doesn’t get the recognition they deserve – onto the world stage that is now almost entirely online.”

Sandra Gabriel

Gabriel PR is a boutique agency for digital communication and branding. Since 2005, Gabriel PR has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to launch, launch, promote and grow their brands online.

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