Christian Lovrecich is a YouTuber and his channel name is PixlFeed, where he shares the latest social media marketing strategies. With a strong influence on Facebook ad strategies, he helps people grow online businesses from 6 sales numbers to 7,8,9 and more. Christian knows better than anyone the importance and advantages of social media marketing.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA – The importance of social media marketing, especially Facebook ads, cannot be ignored in this era of internet. The internet has taken the world by storm and no business can progress without it. In addition, social media marketing is key to scaling any type of business. Almost everyone uses Facebook ads and it is the best platform to reach a target audience with your products. But the main problem is how well a digital marketing Strategy is ready. Learn the best secrets of social media marketing techniques as well as the latest Facebook ad strategies with Christian on his YouTube channel PixlFeed There, he explains to business owners how to scale their ecommerce businesses from $ 6, 7, 8, 9 sales and beyond.

Billions of people use Facebook every day and that’s why it’s the most powerful platform for promoting businesses and maximizing the number of people who can see the ad. A guide to Facebook advertising is made available by Christian on his YouTube channel Pixlfeed. He created a video too Facebook ads and how to get the most out of Facebook. In this video he explains in a very precise and efficient way how Facebook Insights work. If someone is planning to promote their business on Facebook, this video must be watched.

The main tool that can be used to create a customer avatar is the Facebook Audience Insight tool and is highly recommended by Christian. The best thing about Facebook Insights is that all data from Facebook can be accessed in the backend in Facebook Business Manager. This data is of the utmost importance as it shows the interests of the audience and makes it possible to target the best possible results with Facebook ads. Customers who hired him couldn’t be happier. Linsay, one of his clients, says that Christian is an expert in his field and has been instrumental in helping her grow her business.

Christian is an entrepreneur as well as CEO and founder of PixlFeed Media A small boutique digital media agency that specializes in the direct-to-consumer, or as some call it, e-commerce industry with clients around the world using Facebook advertising. He is also a public speaker, coach and teacher. Christian believes that people should work smart, not hard, and is willing to share his expertise. If you have any questions or suggestions about digital marketing, just include the name and question on their website. ““In the Ask section and he will cover this topic in his weekly live session.

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