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However, for professional marketers, social media is a great place to get customers’ attention, which is the most important thing in the business world. Some people might say they were familiar with social media marketing as they publish their products on a regular basis. However, if you only have 1,000 followers, your message can only be delivered to 1,000 people. Not to mention, most of them might not see your message at all. Social media marketing can also be part of the SEO package you might get from your marketing professionals. For this reason, Gilmedia would like to talk about the need to use social media marketing in 2021.

# Easy to follow

Regardless of whether you use Facebook campaigns or Instagram boosting, you can easily view the impressions and the conversion rate via the dashboard. This is one of the best features in the digital world – everything is trackable. With the data collected, you will have a good feel for the audience you should be following and how much you need to improve through the sales funnel.

# Sell directly

The good thing about social media is that customers always find the photos fascinating. If they’re interested in a product from a social media post, they can check out directly on Instagram. Isn’t it efficient? Today we can easily see that many Instagram posts have shopping features that can be used by many companies.

# Expand influence

Social media marketing is not just about using the platform’s advertising capabilities, it can also create videos to showcase the business and products. It is generally accepted that people prefer to watch videos rather than read long sentences on social media. Well edited videos help people understand your brand, mission, and products. Not to mention, people intend to consume beautiful photos and videos on social media, so this is a natural catch.

While it’s easy to say, planning and executing an effective social media marketing plan still takes time and expertise. It’s not like posting for free so you need to use it carefully. For example, you first need a sustainable budget. It can’t be too small as you won’t be able to see results. However, you also don’t want to spend a fortune on it before a sale begins.

First, you can talk to friends or other business owners who have successfully implemented great social media plans to find out the basic strategies, principles, and steps. It is always recommended to work with a professional marketing agency to come up with a complete and efficient plan. That way, you won’t go wrong in the beginning.

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