Some time ago, Google’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes responded to a tweet about selling domain names based on their “SEO footprint”. That said, it has a lot of perceived SEO value (links and authority) based on third-party tools. And the domain name broker cites this as the reason for buying the domain name.

So, while Gary Illyes is simply “no” to bid on:


– Gary Il 理 / Manager Illyes (@method) June 9, 2020

John Mueller had a funnier answer:

I offer …

good luck to you. Selling a domain based on the “SEO Footprint” sounds a bit like selling a car based on the refilled gas tank.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) June 9, 2020

The funny thing is, John said so in another tweet the year before. He said buying used domains is like buying a used car. Note that when you buy a domain name, Google knows that the owner has changed and that the content of that domain name has changed significantly. So if the past doesn’t hurt you, which it may or may not do, the same may or may not flow with it. Google may reset all good things, previous links, etc., if the domain name is sold.

Definitely buy the domain name if you think the name will work for your brand. However, be careful not to buy a domain name with a shady history or adult content – use the Way Back Machine.

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