Social media is a fascinating, ever-changing landscape. For consumers, creators, influencers, and marketers, the options are huge. With the Social Media Marketing Build-A-Bundle, learn to use the power of social media marketing for your current or next career.

The courses in this package cover the top social media platforms and how you can use them to market products, grow your business, build a digital community, and build brands. From YouTube thumbnail design with Canva to LinkedIn lead generation and TikTok marketing, this bundle has it all.

The courses in this package are taught by Alex Genadinik, a coach for business, entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing and Amazon. He is a three-time best-selling Amazon author, entrepreneur, and host of a well-known YouTube education channel. In these courses, which earned him an instructor rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, Alex shares his expertise and experience to help you become a better marketer for your job, business, or next venture.


This bundle contains creative ways in which you can build an audience and interact with followers. Immerse yourself in YouTube for courses on effective advertising and video production on the platform. Discover how to get the most out of Twitter with engagement. Facebook-related courses cover ads, viral social media challenges, the Facebook marketplace, and more. Learn valuable information with courses on the often overlooked Reddit and TikTok platforms.

Additional courses contain valuable information such as an overview of digital marketing from podcasting to writing press releases to influencer marketing. Use this bundle to learn the basics of digital marketing for a variety of purposes and to sharpen your focus.

With a price of just $ 15 for all 15 courses, you can get each for just $ 1 This social media marketing bundle includes over two hours of content and 39 lectures. Start learning today to improve your digital marketing skills, add to your resume, and grow your business.


Subject to price changes.