Who doesn’t want a great website design that stands out from the crowd in the online world? Of course, everyone wants to have a creative showcase for their products and services.

Adobe surveyed 2,000 consumers a few years ago and found that:

  • 73% of respondents prefer the content to “display well on the device”.
  • 66% of the respondents long for content that is beautifully designed and simple and plain.

Image: Adobe

These numbers show how important a good website design is to keep track of things. An attractive website is key to attracting new visitors and retaining existing visitors. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve the design of your website, read this article to learn more about the top 10 web design trends in 2021.

Top 10 web design trends in 2021

Here are 10 web design trends you can use to make 2021 brighter.

01. Colors in bold

2021 is the year you use bold, bright, and saturated colors in your web design

A strong and bright color stands out against the background and vibrates with energy. Be creative and combine the colors properly to enhance your overall message and improve the mood of the customers who visit your website.

The following shades can help you give your website a bold and bright effect:

  • Lime green – refreshing and balancing
  • Fire red – shows strong emotions, enthusiasm and energy
  • Yellow – bold and positive
  • Black – classic
  • Blue and teal – health, calm
  • Orange – extraordinary

Combination of strong, bright and saturated colors – bubbly, the bottled water company.

Web design trends

Website – ToyFight

Web design trends

Website – Evil

Another color trend that is very popular is: Vintage-inspired colors. Inspired by magazines and television, designers mix vintage colors with contemporary styles to give the website a nostalgic touch. Examples are websites like Charles the Bold and Banger’s.

The key is: choose the right color for your brand and be consistent on your website.

02. Soft animations

The animation trend in web design is becoming increasingly popular. This works wonders, especially when an important topic needs to be presented on a web page in a simple but attractive way.

So don’t be afraid to push the envelope and add fun and vitality to your website this year by incorporating animated graphics.

How can you use animation effectively in web design?

  • Highlighting a function or critical information, e.g. B. Symbols, photos, calls to action (CTAs) or the price of the product
  • To show hidden or drop-down menus
  • Adding mouseover effects for micro-interaction, e.g. B. for gallery elements
  • How to creatively design the banner image

You can find some examples of cool and amazing animation on these websites:

03 New morphism

Neumorphism is new to the UI design world. This design trend is the development of skeuomorphism, in which the real objects are integrated into UI designs. In simple terms, this means that you are designing a known object to look exactly like the real object. For example: the interface of the computer on your computer.

Neumorphism is also about the color palette of the entire screen which, when applied to your design, gives users a completely unique experience.

Web design trends

Neumorphism design from Filip Legierski

You can combine the neumorphism design on your website as follows:

  • Use highlights and shadows to add depth to the design
  • Use solid backgrounds and gradients
  • Use mild and subtle effects

04. Big pictures

Think bigger in 2021! Use oversized full screen images on the main page with text overlay to make a statement and keep your visitors engaging.

Yes, you read it right. It may sound too loud, but when used properly this style will make your web design look eye-catching. Many websites use a detailed picture to express the company’s motto. When visitors see the picture and it looks attractive to them, they are forced to stay on the site, explore options, and read more.

When choosing an image for your website, first consider your brand goals, find an image nearby, enhance the image, and display it. Remember, it doesn’t matter that you use the image in the entire background. You can just use it in your header and still look expensive.

Below are some great examples:

Web design trends

Website – Munesh

Web design trends

Website – Local adventure

Web design trends

Website – The children’s society

05. White rooms

White Space has been on the list of web design trends for a number of years. Spaces on a website refer to the spaces between your design components. Its main purpose is to provide a balanced feel to your visitors so that they can navigate and read content more easily. See sample screenshot:

Image – Fraemoh’s houses

Remember not to overdo the white space design. It’s important that you maintain a balance between white space and content because if not done correctly, all of the design elements and the text on them will appear to be separate, making the page difficult to scan, which ultimately slows down user attention .

06. Variable fonts

There are variable fonts in the web design trends of 2021. They offer web designers a wide variety of options within a single font. You can expand the font, condense it, add space, and change the font width to get the best look and feel for your design.

They allow you more control and at the same time reduce the loading speed of your page. This allows you to expand your typographic creativity and create energetic and dynamic shapes in ways that were previously not technically possible.

07. Geometric patterns and 3D graphics

A website with little or no visual design feels like a wall of content to the viewer. A site can provide all of the information it needs, but may not be able to convert with no apparent interest.

Modern designers use geometric patterns and 3D elements to give their site uniqueness, including flat shapes like diamonds, triangles, rectangles, polygons, grid lines, etc., as well as some modern elements like 3D shapes and floating objects.

This website uses 3D elements, floating objects and simple geometric lines – The artery

Web design trends

Example of geometric design in a website – The imagineers

Enhance and style your website this year with 3D and geometric designs.

08 Sliders are out of fashion

Image sliders now look dated and worse? They slow down your website loading speed and are less compatible with smartphones.

Then what? Videos are in.

Use a single picture or video to show users the best message instead of using multiple messages. The use of video in headers has proven to be the most attractive form of content online. So it’s not surprising that older sliders are losing control of upcoming web design trends.

Example: Age min

09 Loading speed and accessibility

According to a Web usability surveyMost visitors (42%) would leave a website if it took longer than 10 seconds to load.

Therefore, the functionality of a website is an important aspect of web design today. When designing a website, pay attention to the website loading speed, page responsiveness, and accessibility.

10. Dark theme

For some time, web designers continued to use white backgrounds to free up space on websites and mobile apps. Soon the Dark Topic began to spread and gain widespread recognition. We look forward to seeing this trend in 2021 as well.

See how Apple used a dark theme on their website that changed the whole look and feel of their website.

Web design trends

Website – Apple

How do I design a beautiful website?

The web design trends in 2021 include bold, classic designs with minimalist 3D effects, clean looks, high speed, and high performance.

I hope this article will help you design an attractive website by selecting and combining some of the upcoming trends as mentioned.

If you want to turn your website into a pretty one, ThemeChilly is a good option. They have some amazing modern ecommerce themes that will allow you to create a website that you don’t have to work on from scratch and that your users will love.

Did we miss any web design trends that you know will be big in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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