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HighKey sees success with revolutionary social media advertising methods


Brothers Lintz, Jordan, Luke and Jackson have become marketing masters through their success as elite branding masters. Their innovation and natural ability to understand social media trends have helped them stay one step ahead of their competition. Now they have started a new marketing company, HighKey Clout, which is taking a new approach to influencer marketing. They say their mission is to become the world’s leading social media marketing and personal branding company and they are well on the way to make it happen.

HighKey Clout uses innovation for success

HighKey Clout is an influencer management company that specializes in celebrity giveaways. They say they want to disrupt the social media marketing space by partnering with high profile celebrities and influencers to organize freebies. That’s right – freebies. A marketing concept as old as the time. But it turns out that turning a giveaway into a tremendous success that the HighKey brothers are turning to is a secret.

The Lintz say there is no competition for them. The main tactic that sets their brand apart from other social media marketing agencies is their collaborative philosophy. They work closely with their clients, partners, and sponsors to understand their personal brand and build a symbiotic type of relationship that benefits each party.

They started HighKey Clout with nearly half a million followers on each of their personal pages. Their first customers were themselves, says Luke, adding, “We don’t offer our customers a single service that we don’t use for our own brands.”

HighKey freebies are a win for everyone

When an influencer or celebrity partners with HighKey Clout as a giveaway, it’s a win for everyone, they say. HighKey Clout pays the sponsor a sum of money in exchange for a few simple contributions and encourages followers to follow HighKey Clout and all of their followers to enter the competition. This approach ensures that the sponsor (HighKey customer) also wins followers through the promotional gift.

To date, HighKey Clout has had great success by increasing its Instagram follow-up to over 650,000 and generating $ 10 million in sales in the last year alone. They’ve worked with celebrities like Trippie Redd, Bella Thorne, Kevin Hart, Lil Pump, BhadBhabie, Lil Yatchy, Dababy, and Rich The Kid to give out prizes worth over $ 350,000 in the final calendar year. This month they’re raising the bar with their biggest giveaway yet, sponsored by infamous rapper 6ix9ine.

Giveaway details with 6ix9ine

For more information on how to enter the 6ix9ine giveaway with HighKey Clout, please visit Instagram. Prices include two PS5s and a Tesla. 6ix9ine will be promoting the giveaway on its official Instagram page throughout the month. So tune in and stay tuned.