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Himanshu Sharma & Manish Sharma share how social media marketing can help startups grow

Published on February 23, 2021

All over the world, when everyone realized the importance of social media tools, people joined the realm of digital marketing. They take courses, learn about YouTube, read blogs and articles, and try to keep up with global competition. Some call it passion while others simply love to take advantage of the opportunities it offers, but then again, amidst it all, there’s a list of people who are still on the dark end of fame. They do their job, help people around them, and still go undetected when people like Himanshu Sharma and Manish Sharma have worked passionately to fulfill the dreams of many in order to grow and prosper. They did all of this from when digital marketing was still a hidden concept, and they really got to be the best at it.

“When two minds work together, they work miracles,” and Himanshu, along with Manish, has showcased the best of their efforts in the e-com field. Manish, he may have entered social media marketing a little later than Himanshu, but when he entered SMM in 2015 he made sure that he closed the 5 year void with his talent and hard work. Both people come from different countries. On the one hand, where Himanshu is from, Unnao, a city in Uttar Pradesh, Manish, was from Calcutta. They were part of different cultures, society, but they made the most of their brains. You’ve worked together with great motives, making them grow and grow.

A little bit of these two personalities, their words were almost the same, meaning, “If we can share what we have won, why should we stay intact and just focus on the monetary value? Everyone starts from scratch and yet doesn’t understand the importance of the support people need when they start a new journey and that’s where they can’t help. Probably this is why Himanshu and Manish watch, reflect, and perform better at every approach. “Well, in simple terms for businesses / individuals out there, people like her are the real hope. Someone who understands the importance of travel and most importantly digital marketing, SMM & SEO.

From belonging to different ecom companies to knowing about digital marketing and its trends, the pros and cons, both individuals really gave a lot. Manish even recently started his journey with FinanceX, and the only motive behind it is to help as many people as possible from his end to manage their finances. From customer to customer and from company to company, both people have made their way in this way, ensuring that their knowledge has a wide reach and perfect help for everyone who deserves it, and for everyone who wants to make a change. They believe, “For any mind that wants to change something, they deserve to have a way and a hand.” They do the best they can.

Either way, there is an end to talking about personalities like these two. They may not be well known celebrities, but in digital marketing, SMM and even SEO they have a flair that can lead a company / person to success or failure, and they use that power to get something positive out of it and would continue to do so. People like her come from time to time and after a long time the world realizes what value they have. From now on we can only hope that we have such good-hearted and more brilliant minds.