The pandemic has changed the business world upside down. For the past 12 months, workers have been doing their chores in their homes and everyone has had to turn to new business practices.

Every aspect of our life has changed. According to Fortune magazine, over 100,000,000 U.S. companies were out of service six months after the pandemic began.

Still, digital marketers continue to create innovative ways to tune in. As a result, more people are surfing the Internet than ever before, and the behavior of the public on digital platforms has changed.

Are you adapting your business to COVID-19?

It’s been 12 months since the world was closed. Fear gripped the planet. We all got used to limitations and did things differently. So firstly, did you make the right changes during COVID-19? Second, do you have an uncertain future planned?

Digital marketing can help small businesses navigate these challenging times. If you successfully change your web design and tweak your digital marketing strategy, you can survive and thrive during this time.

Here are a few ways you can customize your digital marketing strategy, kickstart your business, and prepare for the business Boom after the pandemic!

1. Create a solid, easy-to-use website design

The best way for businesses to navigate these tough times is with a user-friendly website. Your website should be reliable, sleek, and have the best web design tools available.

Although good web designers can be expensive, you will find that the cost is often worth it. Customers trust companies with amazing websites, and web designers understand the latest trends and styles.

2. Adapt your website to the latest traffic trends

You should analyze your website traffic over the past 12 months and focus on the pages that have grown in popularity. Finding ways to make your popular pages stand out and make them more accessible can increase your sales and your website exposure.

Additionally, checking your website traffic every three months is a fantastic idea to keep up with the latest trends and your SEO performance.

3. Make your digital communication personal

Your digital communication during the pandemic is crucial. People will respond to personalized messages and show understanding or empathy.

You should use each visitor’s purchase history and online behavior to anticipate customer needs. Delivering the right messages and highlighting relevant content can increase your sales.

4. Examine the sales shifts

Have you had products that exploded or fueled up during the pandemic? Investigate which products were successful and unsuccessful and align your digital marketing with these trends.

To keep the focus on these trends, you can examine navigation, visibility, social advertising, and CTAs.

5. Remove any old content that feels out of date

Content is critical to a website’s domain ranking and SEO performance. However, you can remove old content with little relevance in the age of pandemics. For example, if you have expired promotions, outdated products, and past events, you can remove them from our website.

Once you’ve got rid of old content, you’ll improve the user experience and SEO potential.

Check out some alternative digital marketing channels

The pandemic has allowed companies to try different digital marketing channels and the trends in social media have shifted. Here are some channels you could try:

The impact of video on digital marketing has increased over the past year. For example, since the pandemic, TikTok has seen users increase by 28% between ages 15-25 and 12% across all age groups. As a result, many companies have targeted TikTok.

According to surveys, 70% of people have used their cell phones more often since the pandemic started. This means an increased use of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Since the pandemic started, companies have sent 49% more emails to customers. The pandemic has ramped up email marketing, and companies are looking to get customers through email marketing.

Final thoughts

Nobody can underestimate the pain of the pandemic. It has posed huge challenges for small businesses, and many small businesses will never recover. Against this background, digital marketing offers you the opportunity to make your brand visible.

As countries close and stores close, people are turning to online shopping and the internet. This is where your business can thrive in these dire times.

When we get out of this one-off disaster, digital marketing has grown, will continue to grow, and most importantly – It can help your business thrive during and after COVID-19.

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