If 4 out of 5 people make their purchases online, any business that is in no way affiliated with the World Wide Web will lose about 90% of its potential profit. Therefore, if you are a smart entrepreneur, you have to surf the tide and go where the action is.

But how do you compete with ecommerce giants like Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba, to name a few? The secret is SEO. What is it? Let’s find out how to use it to market your products online.

What is SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, basically uses systematic methods to get your website or business website on the first page of a target search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, etc. Most businesses focus on getting to the top of Google’s been using it to search online for 99% of people. Build Business Online’s experts assume that you need to let people know your business exists in order to help them gain more ground in online marketing. Otherwise no one will visit your website and the money you spent building it will just go down the drain. Not to mention, you lost the chance of getting more customers.

How can SEO help companies?

Aside from the well-known fact that SEO will ultimately be your gateway to successfully market your products online, there are other things that it can help you with. Would you like to know more? Please read on.

Improve your website traffic

For beginners in SEO jargon, website traffic is the number of people who visit your website every minute of every day. This is a measure of how visible your website or business is to the online public and gives you an idea of ​​whether your business will be successful in online marketing. SEO will help you get more visits from people who rank higher and are on the top page of Google. It does this using the most searched keywords or SEO keywords that people use to find something online. This is because Google provides its users with search results that contain the exact words they entered. This way you can get more people to be curious about your product or company.

It increases the credibility of your website online

Ecommerce credibility means more people visit the website and rank higher on Google searches. Laypeople say that when a company is usually the point of contact for people with a specific need, it has credibility and is therefore trusted by consumers. That is the name of the game in online marketing.

SEO not only strengthens your website’s credibility by bringing you more visitors, but also by linking your website or its pages with more credible ones. For example, if your industry is in the medical field, your website content can be linked to Healthline.com, WebMD, MayoClinic, MedlinePlus, etc. Basically, when Google determines that you have credible sources for your websites, you will be rewarded by ranking them higher than the rest of your competitors.

SEO creates better user experience

User experience means how easily people navigate your website. Do they click multiple times to go to the specific webpage they want on your website? Or have you won something of value for your website? Google also measures UX because if users are satisfied with the websites they visited when searching on Google, it will be reflected in their efficiency in delivering valuable information and experience to the user.

SEO helps you give your visitors a better experience on your website by simplifying commands and placing the contact page in a place they can easily see. The product pages are in the front and center, giving them a taste of what you can offer them on the home page. When people understand how to navigate your website and like what they see, they tend to stay longer until they make a purchase or use your service.

Think of your website as your physical business. When people see you care about the intangibles of your business and they may find what they’re looking for, they go in and have a chat with your people.

Increase profits through local SEO

This is more true for small businesses that want to reach more people in their community. Local Search Engine Optimization gives you the opportunity to be more visible to the people in your area by linking to higher ranked websites in your area and including content that only those living in your area understand and know.

More and more people are buying products and using services near them, largely because of their convenience. If you want a new TV and live in Wales you don’t want it to be from Liverpool or Manchester. Not only is delivery time a little later, but you’d have to drive miles if something is terribly wrong. And local SEO relies on this convenience.

SEO is relatively cheap

If you want to use SEO as your primary marketing tool, you don’t have to spend more than traditional marketing, e.g. B. Flyers, brochures, radio, newspapers, television commercials etc. You should be able to find a credible and shooter SEO agency. However, there are a few factors you should consider before working with an SEO agency. That way, you can better gauge the agency’s ability to target the market you choose, convert your visitors into consumers, and even take control of their buying habits by being a regular customer.

SEO still has a lot to offer to small and large businesses. It provides an opportunity to connect you to a larger market, focus on the target customers you choose, convert their website visits into revenue, and put you in a better position in moving your business online. Of course, SEO doesn’t do magic. But a good SEO agency can really help your business grow exponentially too.