How the clubhouse gives new advertising and marketing alternatives for social media

Clubhouse App

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It doesn’t happen too often that a new social media platform is launched, but when it does, early adopters can really benefit. Those who were among the first to create an Instagram account when they launched in 2010 reaped all sorts of benefits: they got a coveted Instagram handle right from the start, a plethora of new followers that was much easier to discover on the site The list goes on and on because of less noise and competition. And every time a new social platform emerges, it also offers new marketing opportunities.

Clubhouse, an invite-only audio chat iPhone app, is still so new that it’s not too full yet. And considering that people need a personal invitation to join if they can get one, now is the time to open an account and build a following.

The audio-based social networking platform had over nine million monthly downloads in February 2021, up from two million in the previous month.

Let’s take a look at how people use clubhouse to get their message out, market themselves, and gain a following.

Everything revolves around collaboration and networking

Social media platforms are widely used as megaphones to make announcements and share milestones. However, if we return to the original uses of these networks – to connect and work together – we can get a lot more out of them. The clubhouse is home to a variety of clubs and virtual rooms with conversations on just about any topic you’re interested in. This makes it easy for you to find your niche and join the conversations.

“Connect with moderators and club founders who you like who can join your mission or support your mission and business. Over time, they will bring you to the stage in their rooms, ”says Brooke Markevicius, founder of Allobee, a company that provides business solutions for micro-businesses, small businesses, and startups. She emphasizes the importance of using these platforms for networking. “Be strategic about the rooms you are joining and take the stage or send a message to the people who add value to you.”

Offer support and your expertise

“Treat the clubhouse like a podcast by hosting engaging conversations, office hours, interviews, and discussions that are relevant to your target audience. It’s an easy and free way to add value to your existing employees while building trust with a new audience, ”said Erin Halper, CEO of The Upside, a community and accelerator for consultants.

At Clubhouse, it is important to give before you take. Offer your expertise, help people connect by sharing your network, or donate to causes people are discussing – it’s about giving what you can.

Markevicius recommends offering programming in larger clubs so you can meet new audiences. “Become a regular in bigger clubs and raise your hand to get on stage. Share expertise or support others. Then after a few times, direct message the club owner and tell them exactly what you can offer, ”she adds. “I did this specifically at Dave Kerpen and Randi Zuckerberg’s club, The Likeable Business, and got my own show at their club called The Likeable MomTrepreneur.”

Create a community

“Hold clubhouse discussions with your customers and like-minded companies to create a community. Our customers are organizers and community leaders. That’s why I’ve regularly held clubhouse events for our hosts to meet, exchange tips and resources, and share their knowledge, ”says Miraya Berke, Community and Marketing Manager at Mixily, an event management platform for communities. “I moderate and invite the speakers. Each of our users encourages conversation with their community on social media. In this way we were able to speak and at the same time enable deep conversations within our community. “

It may sound simple, but participating in conversations and being loud is the name of the game. Don’t just listen, plan ahead and write down actionable tips to share with others. Strategically choose which rooms to join and connect in person with people via direct messages to get the most out of the app.


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